Health & Wellness update #1

  • Weight: 212 lbs
  • Chest inches: 43
  • Waist inches: 43
  • Hips inches: 46
  • Thigh inches: 24
  • Calf inches: 16
  • Upper arm: 14.5

I’m so fat. I had gotten down to 205 lbs before spring break (March 13). I’ve gained almost 10 pounds in a month. That’s insane. I’m more likely to die of a coronary event not coronavirus!

Since the #stayhomestaysafe quarantine started, I haven’t been hiking or anything! Abbey and I have tried to stay consistent with exercise. As a cross-country runner, fitness is important to her. Not that it isn’t important to me, too, it’s just so much easier to be still all day long.

Abbey likes to run, and she likes for me to run with her. I prefer to walk or ride my bike, and she’s been very sweet to give me equal time when I run with her. Today, we ran. She told me that we’d do 1 mile, but she was feeling so great after her first mile she decided she wanted to run 2 miles. After my first mile, I decided to hop on my bike. It’s much easier to keep up with her when I’m cycling. Plus, it’s just easier.

Then, get this, after the running/cycling, we did an interval strength-training workout which was REALLY tough. Then we did 25 minutes of yoga!

My favorite part was the yoga. All the exercise and working out is worth the 30 minutes of yoga that I give myself as a reward.

My face during exercise:

That last pic is my face after Yoga with Adrienne.

Oh, I’ve decided that I’m going to try making videos and maybe start a YouTube channel. I like creating things – videos, images, blog posts. Why not use all aspects of technology and the internet at my disposal?

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