Promoting the Spiritual Life

My mother-in-law gave me this book for Christmas. It is a collection of Sophia Tolstoy’s photography and diaries. This woman was amazing. I am finding some great quotes in this book. From her diary entry, 6 March 1887:

One thing I do find intolerably unjust…is the idea that one should have to renounce one’s personal life in the name of universal love. I believe that there are obligations that are ordained by God, that no one has the right to deny them, and that the obligations actually promote rather than hinder the spiritual life.

I think I agree with her. Far too many women see children as obstacles to who/what they want to be, spiritual or otherwise. The truth is that God has ordained the obligations inherent in marriage, homemaking, and childrearing to be part of the means He uses to mold us and change us. I would be far more lazy, selfish, and self-confident without them in my life.

This quote also reminded me that everything I do can be done with service to Christ in my mind and heart. It is especially helpful for me to remember this when I am struggling to serve my family with joy. Would you agree that most of a mother’s work goes unnoticed and unappreciated? Or at least under appreciated? We know, however, that nothing goes unseen by the Lord. He promises that we will give an account of all our deeds and words. So, why do I waste my life being frustrated with everything that has to be done around here? Why not change my attitude and promote my spiritual life here (and in eternity) by fulfilling my God-given obligations with joy and delight?

I think this may be something important to add to my list of resolutions.

One Comment on “Promoting the Spiritual Life

  1. Wow.I mean wow.Did you write this to me? I have been struggling so much with my burdens as a mother and feeling under appreciated and taken for granted. It’s easy to feel a martyr during the holidays, because face it they can wear a mama out. But in all I do, I should be serving Jesus, and not grumbling. For he notices when no one else does. It is a way to not only show my love for my family but for him.Thank you for this post. I think I need to read it about once a week though.


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