What they said…

So, you already know that I enjoy Derek Webb’s music. I haven’t purchased his new album yet, but I have heard the controversial new song. Karl and I had an interesting discussion about it yesterday, and I’m sad to say that neither of us came to the conclusion Denny Burke did.

Doug E. shares some thoughtful words regarding the connection between physical and spiritual hunger.

It is time again for me to plan our next school year. I really appreciate what Sprittibee has written about how she is planning the next school year for her family.

I’m thankful we are learning how to garden this summer. I’m going to learn how to can and freeze vegetables and what-not. I am very thankful that my husband is still employed. And I’m trying not to panic.

Janet thinks we all want to be Canadian. The video made me laugh. Especially the part about the US having all the money. HA!

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