Can I just tell you about my day?

We did some chores around the house.

We went to Books-A-Million for their “Family Fun Camp.” The email from BAM said that today’s activities would include games like Bingo, charades, and a coloring contest. None of that was going on at our BAM. The employees, who were totally unprepared for children, decided to have one of their own read to all the children. Unfortunately, she read like she had never read a book to children in her whole life. It was awful. And when she realized that she was a terrible reader, she apologized and said, “We’re not the library!”

First of all, they advertised games and a coloring contest. How unfair of me to expect games and a coloring contest!

Secondly, it would have been better if they had been honest. They should have told us they didn’t plan to do any “Family Fun Camps” at this store.

Unfortunately, they still got some of our money because, well, it IS a bookstore. And many of their books are so cheap right now.

We returned to the Casa de Wiggins for some lunch. While I made burritos and tacos, Karl started reading an abridged Oliver Twist to the kids.

After lunch, I went in search of games for us to play. I think I must have given away my old Disney Trivial Pursuit game when I became too old to enjoy playing it. Karl said, “That was short-sighted.” I guess I never thought I’d have children.

Instead of a game, I pulled out a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s a photo of Venice, Italy. I wish I could just jump into the picture. The kids and I worked on it for a little while.

The kids washed the car.

I read a book: Freedom and Boundaries: A Pastoral Primer on the Role of Women in the Churchby Kevin DeYoung. A difficult topic made accessible to the layperson. Get one for your church’s library.

Karl and I made some home made ice cream.

We picked some vegetables from our garden.

Karl watered the garden while I washed and prepped the veggies.

We ate dinner and watched HP & The Sorcerer’s Stone. My children are so excited about The Half-Blood Prince coming out next week. Karl and I haven’t decided yet if we’ll let the kids see it without our seeing it first. Considering the content of the book, I am rather surprised that it’s only rated PG. Maybe they left out all the “snogging.” Worse than the snogging is the Tom Riddle story line; he is twisted and evil. That settles it. I definitely want to preview the movie first.

All in all, today was another blessed day. I’m going to put away some dishes and go to bed.

3 Comments on “Can I just tell you about my day?

  1. Have you watched the trailers yet? (Of which there are many. . .) So far, I haven't seen anything that is darker than Order of the Phoenix. Sam's been reading reviews and, on a British scale of 10, he hasn't seen anything less than 8. Reviews are very positive.Having said that, I don't remember how old your kiddos are, so maybe it's best to see it first. (That way you get a date with Karl and, hopefully, you get to see it twice!)


  2. Yes, I considered that I would be getting a date out of seeing it without the kids first!!


  3. If you don't want to spend the extra money, you could probably just visit Common Sense Media. They pretty much list all objectionable elements and tell which age they feel the movie is appropriate for. Might help.


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