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I’ve begun preparations for the next school year. One of the things I want my older kids to work on this year is being responsible for their assignments without my having to give reminders. I want them to grow in independence and responsibility.

To help them do this, I set out to design and print a planner and weekly assignment sheets for them. But late last night I got an email from CurrClick and found that another mother has already done all that work.

CurrClick[Do you know about CurrClick?

If you’re a home school mom, then you need to know about CurrClick. This site offers curriculum that is available for immediate download.

I’ve used CurrClick a few times. I bought a lapbooking project for the summer olympics last year. It was a lot of fun! Hannah loves horses, so I downloaded a curriculum called All About Horses for her. I’ve also downloaded some handwriting exercises to use during the summer.

One neat thing about CurrClick is that when a book you ordered is updated, then you are notified and can download the updated version for free.]

I found some colorful and thorough student planners for boys and girls. Not only does this planner have daily assignment sheets, the weekly planner page includes small charts for chores, attitude, hygiene, Bible reading, scripture memory work, book reading, and prayers.

There are pages for specific character traits. For instance, one trait we want Hannah to grow in is responsibility. There is space for her to write about responsibility, what it means, space for drawing an illustration of that trait in action, scriptures that encourage responsibility, and a section for writing what she did to grow in that area each day of the week.

Behind the character pages, I found “My Money Management.” These pages can be used to teach children how to be aware of where their money goes. They can keep up with their allowance and gifts, how much they earned, how much they spent, how much they saved, how much they tithed and gave away, etc.. They can record what they did with money in a week, month, and year. There is also a chart for events and items they want to save up for. For example, Benjamin really wants a guitar. This chart will help him figure how much money, time, and work it will take for him to save enough money to buy it.

This bundle also includes certificates for various things you may want to use to recognize your child’s hard work.

I don’t get anything from CurrClick for mentioning these planners. I just found them last night, purchased them, downloaded and printed them out for my kids to use this year. I simply like them and want to share with those mom’s who read my blog. CurrClick is running a special on these planners right now. You can buy both for $6.50.

You can preview these books before you purchase.
For boys
For girls

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  1. Wow. I just had a look at the inside of the planner and it seems pretty detailed. I hope you will post how this works for you after you have used it awhile. (I am not sure how old your children are?)I make spreadsheets on excel (similiar to Sonlight) but my 11th grader likes to rewrite hers in a different format. So i was thinking this year I will just give her the info and let her organize in whatever way she wants. My other two I don't think I can do this with (they are 12 and 13). My 13 year old son is especially challenged when it comes to paper of any kind. It gets wrinkled, wadded and lost. So… I am thinking of making a spiral bound type thing for both him and my 12 year old daughter.I look forward to your other posts. I am a faithful reader but rarely comment.


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