An update from Compassion International

Days before the earthquake in Haiti, I finalized my requirements to become a Child Advocate for Compassion. This email from my Area Coordinator came today:

Advocates and Pastors in the Gulf Coast Region,

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and advocacy for the least of these around the world, especially in Haiti at this time. Here is another update on Compassion’s activities in Haiti as of noon today (1/18/10):

Compassion Haiti Staff
*ALL CI Haiti staff members in the Port au Prince area are alive and accounted for! Praises!
* Staff is working out of the Compassion office parking lot
* They are awaiting EMI to assess building damage

Compassion Implementing Church Partners (ICPs)
* As many as 50 projects may have been seriously impacted
* Contact already made with 22 projects and we are at work serving them
* Estimated 15,000+ Compassion children directly impacted by quake. No specific information on specific children yet although we know that participants in all our core ministries – CSP, CDSP, and LDP – have lost their lives. Also, families of Compassion children, pastors and project workers are known to have perished.
* More projects are being visited today (Monday)

Haiti Disaster Relief Fund
All funds raised in response to the Haiti earthquake will be used immediately to reequip Compassion’s local support structure and to provide for the immediate needs of Compassion-assisted children and families. Any funds raised in excess will be stewarded by Compassion for additional and future disaster relief efforts. Compassion is not withholding ANY funds for administration purposes.

Price Points
This is the giving structure we are now communicating at every level in case sponsors, churches, or donors are inquiring.
$25 – helps provide clean water to a family for a week
$50 – helps feed a family with food such as rice, beans, canned meat and oil for a week
$100 – helps provide basic medical supplies for a church partner to treat up to 50 patients
$500 – helps provide critical life items like temporary shelter, blankets and clothing for 10 families
$1500 – helps to rebuild a home

Please prayerfully consider making a(nother) donation to Compassion’s Haiti Disaster Relief Fund.

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