Why Haiti?

Jay Younts asks, “Why Haiti?” But the more probing question is, “Why not here?”

To any trained observer, it should have been easy to see that Haiti was ripe for destruction. Poor building codes and construction, overcrowding, and corrupt leadership in a geographic region prone to hurricanes and seismic instability–all of these comprise a recipe for disaster. Yes, Haiti needs help today. But the nation was also in need of help before this devastating earthquake. This is the lesson to be learned. You see, there is another recipe for disaster that should catch our attention…….It is a good thing to offer help to the Haitians and to pray for them. It is a good thing to consider the desperate need for the gospel in many other places are around the world. It is a good thing to pray for God’s mercy upon us. But it is a foolish thing to live as if God is indifferent to the sin and rebellion against Him that persists in our own country.

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