Dear P-Phil

Dear P-Phil,

In just a little while, you will emerge from whatever that thing is that the people in Punxsutawney put you into.  And I am torn between two desires.  First, I do not want you to see your shadow because IT IS FREEZING every day.  Winter temps in Alabama are supposed to hover around 50oF.  We southerners typically wear shorts year-round.  This 30 and 40oF business needs to stop. Bring on spring!

Second, I am OK with your seeing your shadow because I am thoroughly enjoying the parade of “scientists” who have manipulated data to favor man-made global warming. I call it “The Great Global Climate Change Implosion of 2010.” New details of this hoax emerge with each record-breaking snowstorm. And I fear that if you don’t see your shadow and scurry back into your hole, then the resulting warmer temperatures will have a cooling effect on the investigation. Well, I’m not really afraid…so, no pressure.

Finally, Phil, I want to know…and this doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re doing today…it’s about a movie and a t.v. show. Did you know that the movie Groundhog Day kind of made your day famous? Well, it did. In the movie, Phil, the main character, is stuck in Punxsatawney living the same day over and over again. Every morning starts and ends the same way no matter what he does to change it. I guess you know how that feels. Anyway, my favorite t.v. show premiers tonight, and I think the creators waited until Feb. 2 to air because they wanted to imitate the movie Groundhog Day. The main characters of the show have attempted to “reset” their lives so that they never crash on the island. I have a hunch that the day always ends the same for them whether the plane crashes or not — they all end up on the island. And this premier episode is going to start over and over again like the movie. Is that just ridiculous, or could I be right?


3 Comments on “Dear P-Phil

    • I am pumped! I just finished decorating my premier party cake. I’ll post some pictures later.


  1. Cute letter, Leslie. I’m ready for spring, but I’d love another snow first. The regular wet or intensely cold without snow weather has got to go!


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