“It Worked”

We had a small get-together at our house. We ate dinner with our friends. Then we ate a cake/rice krispy treat foot….

Our LOST Party cake

…and settled in for the two-hour premiere.

As usual, a few questions were answered and more questions were raised.

The first episode picks up where The Incident ended: Juliet hits the bomb with a rock and the screen goes white.

We really don’t know if the bomb detonated. Then again, it’s possible that there is a reality in which the bomb detonates and another reality in which the bomb does not detonate.  Are these separate realities progressing parallel to one another?

The Bomb Detonated
Jack is on an airplane. When the flight attendant walks down the aisle, we realized that he is on Oceanic 815. When she walks away, we see Rose. (I love Rose and Bernard.)  We also see Bernard and Desmond.  But Des looks like a completely different person — expensive clothing, nice hair, confident.

If Des is on the plane, then that means that there’s no hatch and no button for him to push.  And no Eloise Hawking to tell him he has to go to the island and push the button.

On the plane, none of the people seem to know one another.  After the turbulence stops, Jack goes to the restroom.  When he looks in the mirror he sees some blood on his neck (did he nick himself shaving?).  Jack also bumps into Kate, who is in the custody of a US Marshall.  Kate walks by Sawyer, Hurley (the “luckiest guy alive”), and Arzt.  Not far away, Jin, examining the watch, and Sun are sitting quietly together, but no wedding bands on their fingers.  Boone and John Locke, who is still paralyzed, are having a conversation over a sleeping Frogurt.

The next time we see Jack on the plane, he is responding to the stewardess’ call for a doctor.  They are not able to get the man in the bathroom to respond.  Sayid lends them a leg when he kicks the door in.  Charlie is lying on the floor and appears to be dead.  Jack sends someone to find a pen (reminder of Season 1, Episode 1).  Jack pulls a bag of heroine out of Charlie’s throat to save his life.  But Charlie insists that he was “supposed to die.”

When the plane lands, the cops come on board to arrest Charlie, a steward with a wheelchair comes on board to help John disembark, and everyone else goes their separate ways.

Once in the airport, the characters run into trouble: Jack learns that the airline has lost the coffin containing his father’s body; John learns that the airline lost his case of knives; Jin is in trouble with customs agents because of the undeclared watch and cash; Sun lies when she says she can’t speak English, (but why is she called Ms. Paik?); Kate beats up the Marshall and escapes from the authorities in a taxi that is also occupied by Claire.  While filing a claim for his luggage, John Locke meets Jack, who offers him a free surgical consult because he’s a top-notch spinal surgeon and, “Nothing’s irreversible.”

In the detonated reality, we are given a glimpse of a submerged island. We know it’s the island because we can clearly see Dharmaville and the four-toed statue.  I think it’s safe to assume that the detonation of the hydrogen bomb caused the island to be submerged.  With the island submerged we have no more Dharma Initiative, no more Others, no more button, no numbers (no unlucky Hurley), no Black Rock, no Widmore, no Hawking, no Faraday, no Ben, etc.  Does it mean that there’s also no Jacob and no MIB?  Does it mean that Danielle and her crew are living in France?  That Alex is with her mother and father?  It would also mean that Rose is going to die of cancer.  //sad face//

We know that before Juliet hit the bomb that lots of people got off the island.  I wonder what they’ve been up to the last 30 years?  Miles left the island as a baby, Charlotte was a little girl…It is possible that Charles had already had the affair that resulted in Penny’s birth, so there could be a Penny out there somewhere…And what did the deGroots folks think about their island being blown up?  Hmmm…..

The Bomb Did NOT Detonate
Juliet hits the bomb with a rock and the screen goes white. The next scene we see Kate in a tree on the island. When she climbs down, she first meets Miles.  They find the remains of the Swan (after Desmond turns the failsafe key) and determine that they have traveled in time; they have gone from 1977 to 2007.  They find Jack and Sawyer, who immediately begin fighting.  Not far away, Hurley and Jin are trying to help Sayid, who is still suffering with a bullet wound.  Jacob walks up behind Hurley and asks, “Do you have a minute?”  Jacob reveals that he is dead.  He also instructs Hurley to take Sayid and the guitar case to The Temple and that Jin can tell him how to get there.  Meanwhile, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Miles, and Jin are working on pulling Juliet out of the ground.  Juliet has a very important message for Sawyer, but she dies before she can tell him.  It seemed like Juliet’s “needle got stuck on the record” for a minute there when she was talking to James about going out for coffee.  After Sawyer buries Juliet, he asks Miles to find out what she needed to say.  Miles responds, “It worked.”

The characters make it to The Temple in record time.  I’m not kidding: that was the fastest trek across the island in 5 years.  Too many crazy things happened at The Temple.  Here’s what I gathered:

  • each character heard whispers before they were grabbed
  • book by Soren Kierkegaard was in The Temple
  • The Others were at The Temple
  • an ankh was in the guitar case
  • a message was in the ankh (recall that Paul had an ankh around his neck, Amy took it, and Ethan was an Other — I’m thinking that these Others had infiltrated Dharma)
  • the message was a list of their names (I think)
  • this message protected them from certain death
  • something was wrong with the water
  • The Others appeared to have  killed Sayid and not helped him
  • The Others have a big hourglass
  • The Others didn’t know that Jacob was dead until Hurley told them
  • Jacob’s death was very bad news for The Others
  • The Others have to keep Smokey out of The Temple
  • they use ashes to keep Smokey out
  • they signal to The Others on the beach that they are in danger

While all of that was going on at The Swan Station and The Temple, the situation at the beach under the four-toed statue was intense.  Jacob disappeared in the fire and Ben is confused.  When the Ajira folk come in with their guns and take aim at  Flocke (“Fake Locke”), Flocke disappears.  The next thing we know Smokey is banging people into rocks.  One man, Bram, is protected for a few moments when he stands in a circle of ash (like the cabin is surrounded by ash).  Smokey knocks him out of the ash and kills him.  Later, Flocke/Smokey tells Ben, “You’re free.”  He also confesses that the only thing he wants to do is, “Go home.”  

Lapides tells Sun that he doesn’t trust Ilana and the Ajira folk. 

Richard is still very freaked out by the fact that Locke’s dead body was in that cargo container.     

When Smokey finally emerges from under the statue, he goes to Richard and says, “I’m glad to see you out of those chains.”  He then proceeds to beat him until he’s unconscious, but not before Richard fully realizes who he is.

Biggest surprises

  • Man In Black/Flocke = Smokey (definitely NOT a security system)
  • Locke is definitely dead
  • A ring of ash protects people from Smokey
  • In 2004, the Island is underwater
  • Sayid is alive!
  • Juliet is dead

I was not the least bit surprised to find that all of those on the plane (in the alternate reality) are still very miserable people. All of the characters changed so much while they were on the island, and most of them for the better. I hate to see them the way they were before the crash.

(Right now) I think Smokey is evil and Jacob is good.  Much of what Smokey says reminds me of Satan.  Particularly, the exchange he has with Ben to get him to kill Jacob (in Season 5’s, “The Incident”).  But it’s not just that, the conversations about free will, choice, and the act of setting people free from their chains were heavy with religious imagery tonight.  Finally, I think when Smokey said he wanted to go home, he meant The Temple.  Consequently, I anticipate a major showdown at The Temple.

Was I right/wrong about anything?
–I was right about the Groundhog Day thing; the premiere date was intentional and the show did start and restart like the movie.
–I was right about the main characters going back to 2007.
–I was wrong about there not being another reality.

A few questions I have after this episode:
–Will Jacob now inhabit Sayid?
–Why wasn’t Shannon on the plane with Boone?
–What was Juliet referring to when through Miles she said, It worked?
–Where is Christian Shepherd’s body?
–Why did the customs agent call Sun, “Ms. Paik”?
–Why aren’t Jin and Sun wearing wedding bands?

Hurley’s “Dude” count – 8 (I think)

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8 Comments on ““It Worked”

  1. Great recap. You caught some things I missed. I was wondering why Michael and Walt weren’t on the plane (and Shannon as well)? Maybe they couldn’t get those actors to come back?


    • I had heard that Maggie Grace, “Shannon,” is not coming back because she wanted more money than she was offered. But I don’t know if that’s true. Yeah, Michael and Walt weren’t on the plane, either. I don’t know how they’ll be able to include them in this reset 2004 storyline since the boy who played Walt is much older now. I guess we’ll find out.


  2. I think it worked but they will not go to that “alternate timeline” until they have finished their work on the island. Juliet is able to have memories of the alternate timeline (due to her proximity to the electromagnetic center of the island- just like Desmond) and that’s why she knows that it worked. Sometime in the alternate reality we are going to see Sawyer and Juliet meet…and go for coffee. Just my 2 cents 🙂


    • I had read somewhere that Darlton said that what we are seeing off-island is real, not an alternate reality; the two are happening at the same time. Someone coined it “flash-sideways,” or something like that.

      I thought maybe Juliet may have been talking to James in the other reality, too. Glad I’m not the only one. I do hope they end up together eventually. I hope you’re right about the two realities converging in the end.


  3. I liked your summary, especially your nicknames like “Smokey”……..just watched this week’s episode……WOAH. Who inhabited Claire??!!


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