Con again or reconnaissance?

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Season 6

I don’t know why I’m bothering to write a recap; I don’t even really like reading a straight recap because they seem like a waste of time.  After all, I saw the episode.  I prefer reading recaps that add a little commentary.  I hope I can do that; I mean, I hope this recap isn’t completely boring.  But, honestly, this episode had so much in it that made me say, “What?!”  I’m not kidding — I didn’t really expect to see any of what I saw.  I came to the show totally unprepared.  Does that make sense?  Oh well…on with it!

In this episode we learned more about James, his off-island life and his twisted on-island life.  On-island: James knows that Smokey, though he looks like Locke, is not really Locke.  He has no idea who he really is, but he is following him anyway because Smokey promised James a ticket off the island.  However, I can tell that James has not entrusted himself to Smokey (and probably won’t now that he knows that Smokey is definitely the black smoke that kills).  In fact, James does not trust anyone anymore.  I think he’s just covering all of his bases in an effort to take care of himself and make sure he gets off the island any way he can.

The evidence for this is what James does on Hydra Island.  He hits the beach and walks right up to the bear cages.  He sees Kate’s dress and he remembers….he does care.

Using his new detective skills (remember how he didn’t really have any tracking or strong, deductive reasoning skills in the earlier seasons?), he puts together a few clues and figures out that Zoe is a liar.  She and her gang take him around the island to Widmore’s submarine.

James makes a deal with Widmore: he won’t tell Smokey that they’re there building up defenses, and in return, Widmore will protect everyone with James and grant them safe passage off the island.  But when James returns from doing reconnaissance, he tells Smokey exactly who’s there and what they’re doing.  This had me baffled until later in the episode when he lets Kate in on his little scheme: while Widmore and Smokey are having their little war, he and Kate are going to skedaddle on the sub.  OH, Jaaaaames, you sneaky devil.

Off-island: “I came to a point in my life when I was either going to become a criminal or a cop.  I chose a cop.”

Again, we see a character whose off-island life in Season 6 is very different from his off-island life in Season 1.  James, a.k.a. Jimmy, is a detective for the Los Angeles Police Dept.  We see him in bed with a woman and he seems to be conning her in the same way he conned Cassidy.  Instead, he’s undercover (literally and figuratively) and is ready to bust her and her husband for being a couple of cons.

I certainly did not expect to see Miles come running into the motel room!  It was just like Dharmaville circa 1977 when “LaFleur” and Miles worked together to keep New Otherton safe.

Jimmy’s life isn’t completely changed, though.  His past contains the same tragic story of his parents’ murder when he was 9.  And Jimmy is looking for the same man he holds responsible: Anthony Cooper, a.k.a. Sawyer.  Only this time, instead of using a crime ring, Jimmy has the resources of the LAPD to help him in his search.  He still wants to kill him, he still flew all the way to Sydney to find him, he’s still very angry and bitter about losing his parents, but he isn’t a criminal.

Putting the 2 together:  For the first time, I think James really does want to leave the island.  All the other times he’s half-heartedly gone after a get-away.  But this time, now that he knows Juliet is gone, I think he really wants to go.  And I think the Little House on the Prairie episode may give us a clue about what James is thinking.  Laura and Pa’s discussion paralleled Locke’s talk with Jack in the first episode.  Our loved ones aren’t gone; they’re still with us in our memories and the places we’ve been.  Maybe James believes Juliet is somewhere off the island and that by getting off the island he can find her.

I think it’s interesting that he’s the only character who’s broken a mirror in his off-island life.  The other characters have gazed into their mirrors, some more than once.  But not James.  He punched it; he broke it.  It’s like his way of saying to the island, I’m getting off no matter what!

The Other Characters: Kate is simply gobsmacked about everything going on around her.  It’s like she’s just being tossed around by the wind and she can’t make heads or tails of anything.  She’s probably doubting herself and her decision to return to the island.

Off-island Kate is still a fugitive.  But this time she gets caught in Jimmy’s net.  Coincidence?  Probably not.

Sayid is not OK.  Very creepy things happening with Sayid now.  But I didn’t have time to think about it because Claire came out of nowhere and attacked Kate.  And then Smokey literally knocked some sense into Claire.  The whole series of events with Kate, Sayid, Claire, and Smokey was very weird for me.

There’s some debate about whether or not Smokey is good or bad.  I’m going to go ahead and put all my eggs in the “He’s EVIL” basket.  He kills anyone who gets in his way.  He lies to get his way.  He gave Claire something to HATE in order to give her a reason to live.  Need I go on?

Ben: Remember last week when Smokey told Ben to go to the Hydra island?  Well, I think he may have wanted him to go there so that Widmore would kill him.  Smokey obviously knew that Widmore would be arriving soon and that he’d kill everyone there.  Knowing of Ben and Widmore’s rivalry, I think he wanted him to be there (maybe) to see if Ben could kill Widmore so he wouldn’t have to.

Smokey: Had a crazy mother.  I think this is only a half-truth.  We have no reason to believe that Smokey had a mother.  Jacob and MIB/Smokey seem to have (sort of) eternal qualities to me.  So, when he says he had a crazy mother, I think he’s talking about John Locke.  John’s mother was crazy.  In saying all that stuff about how painful it was growing up with a crazy mother, Smokey is using Kate’s love for Aaron to manipulate her.  Because, now, Aaron has a crazy mother.

Charlotte: NOT DEAD.

Miles: Detective with the LAPD; partner to James “Jimmy” Ford.

The big question after this episode is, Who is locked in Widmore’s sub? My guess is…DANIEL FARADAY!

I am excited about next week’s episode.  It’s probably the one we’ve been waiting on FOR YEARS!!

7 Comments on “Con again or reconnaissance?

  1. Nice. Very nice, Les. Here’s a wrinkle. Jacob’s followers are looking for replacements or a replacement for the supposedly deceased Jacob. I think the same holds true for Old Smokey, only he doesn’t want a successor, he wants the Island for himself. Widmore is a candidate for the “dark side” for lack of a better moniker. If all the people are like chess pieces, then balance has to be maintained. Ben, a follower of Jacob, leads the Others, while Widmore is in the real world trying to figure out how to get back. Ben is still a follower of Jacob, despite his thoughts of betrayal. Smokey is able to kill Jacob’s followers, upsetting the balance and continuing to grow more powerful as he recruits new followers. Dead people in the Temple equal dead people on the beach. The balance, the balance. Now that Jack is candidate number one, he replaces/becomes the new Jacob. Locke, the real Locke comes back to life and becomes/replaces Richard, as the ageless wonder. Smokey and Widmore have it out as to who will be the “leader of the dark side”. The balance is eventually restored. Claire, Sawyer-Jimmy, Kate, Sayid and the rest are like laundry right now…a lot of lights mixed with the darks. You’ll still be able to wear em or you might have to get rid of em. I don’t know. Somebody dies, regardless. Some will get back to the real world in a post-future flash forward. Have we seen one of those yet? Of course, Richard’s origins will shoot all of this theory to hell.


    • Ah, balance. Totally slipped my mind. Oh well, forget I said anything. 🙂 Maybe Widmore’s folks will bring balance to the Jack side. I kind of think Widmore is one of the “good” guys. “Post-future flash forward” = LOL! That is crazy, but it makes sense.


  2. I’m so mad at myself. I took an ativan before bed because I was so anxious about something yesterday and poof! I fell asleep midway thru. I woke up at the end, but nothing made sense.

    Thank goodness for my DVR! I’ll figure it all out tonight.


  3. Why Faraday? Isn’t the story convoluted enough without bringing him back to life?

    My best guess for the locked room on the submarine is that it isn’t a person, but a thing. If it had to be a person though, I would suggest Eloise Hawking. She knew how to get to the island and Widmore did not. So given that the island moved and that Widmore seemed to have gotten there pretty easily, I suspect Eloise was involved, perhaps against her will.


    • They brought Charlotte back. Why not Faraday? He’s the smart one. If it’s a thing, what could it be? Maybe the things from Faraday’s lab at Oxford? Technically, Widmore owned those things since he funded the research. I’m kind of stuck on him. Maybe it’s another big bomb? Though he seems to hate Eloise, it could be her.


      • They brought Charlotte back – but in the sideways world, not the island world.


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