LOST Promo Contest

“Strangers…bound by destiny.  Pawns…touched by players.  People…shaped by their pasts…but trying to shape their futures.”

Those are the words in my friend Hillary’s 40 second LOST promo.  ABC is having a LOST contest.  Fans have the opportunity to create their own LOST promo spot for the finale.  The winner gets to see their promo on television and a trip to LA.  My unbiased opinion is that hers is one of the best!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for Hillary’s LOST promo, “Story Ends Tonight.”

Follow this link :  http://lost-promo-contest.abc.go.com/published/7462

Thank you!!

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    • 🙂 I was too sleepy to stay up and write last night. I’ll post something before too long.


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