Book Review: Theological Terms in Layman Language

Theological Terms in Layman Languageby Martin Murphy

Rev. Murphy earned a B.A. in Bible from Columbia International University and his Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary.  He also has 20 years of experience as a pastor and teacher.  While theological dictionaries and encyclopedia abound, there are few whose entries are simple and concise.  Theological Terms in Layman Language is easy to read and small enough slip into the average purse.  From “Achilles Heel of Christianity” to “Works of Satisfaction,” Rev. Murphy defines and provides brief explanations for more than 400 heresies, Latin phrases, doctrinal terms, notable theologians and philosophers, and para-church movements.  In the few weeks since Rev. Murphy sent a copy for me to review, I’ve pulled it out several times to check the meaning of a word or phrase used in something else I was reading.  His definitions are easy to understand and cross-referenced with related terms to help with understanding.  Murphy’s definitions are faithful to the longer explanations given in my encyclopedia and systematic studies books.  Not only is it excellent for finding a short definition, this light paperback is easier to pull from the book shelf than a heavy dictionary.  I think this is a very useful and economical book for any layman’s library.

My thanks to Rev. Murphy for sending a copy for my review.

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  1. Thanks for the review and I hope you find “Theological Terms” useful during your sojourn in this world. If you have time and would like a copy of my most recent release, I’ll send you a copy. I listed you on my blog roll so I and my visitors can visit here often.

    Grace and Peace,
    Martin Murphy


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