My first Lost live blog

Someone is spying on Locke’s camp with night-vision goggles.  Wonder who that could be?  Sawyer sits beside Kate and asks her to pretend that they’re drinking cocoa so they can talk.

Locke talks to Jin.  Tells him to stick around and rest his leg.  He needs all of the people whose names were on the cave wall in order to get off the island.


Airport dude refuses to give Jin the money.  Jin was supposed to deliver the money with the watch to the meeting at the restaurant.

They are definitely not married, but we already knew that.


Locke tells Sayid to keep an eye on the camp while he’s gone.

Sayid confesses that he does not feel anything anymore.  Locke tells him that may be for the best to help him get through what’s coming.  Locke leaves.  OH, Locke is such a bad dude.

Jin wants to get out of the camp before “that thing” (meaning Locke) comes back.  Widmore’s people attack Locke’s camp.  Interesting that Locke disappeared just before the camp was attacked.

Commercial: have mercy at the naked people!


Ilana and Ben: talking about waiting for Richard to come back.  Ilana says that Jacob has never lied to her before.   They will wait.  Funny exchange between Miles and Lapides.

Sun is angry.  She makes a visit to her garden.  She has a history of taking her aggression out on plants.  Jack follows her and tells Sun about the lighthouse and being a candidate.  But she’s very emotional and doesn’t want to hear about it.


Back at the hotel, Jin tells Sun he is going to the restaurant to deliver the watch.  Sun, looks down the hallway, seems a little suspicious as she closes the door to her room.

UH-OH!  Looks like Jin and Sun have a flirty relationship.  Underwears!  OK, it looks like they’ve done this before.

Here’s a thought: Alternate timeline Jin and Sun are able to together in America and start a life together just like they wanted to back in the first timeline.


Locke startles Sun at her garden.  “I’ve found your husband.”    Sun does not believe him.  He promises that he would never make her do anything against her will. (There it is again).  Sun takes off!!  YES!!  Eve in the garden and what she should have done when the evil serpent tried to tempt her.

Commercial: Y’all!  I am so surprised by Sun’s reaction to Locke.  That was awesome.  I hope he follows her to the beach!


Sun is running from Locke and hits a tree.  Out cold.  I hope he doesn’t take her.


Sun suggests that she and Jin run away together.  Jin figures out that this was her plan all along.

*GASP* She’s pregnant!!!  (That’s my guess.)

Keamey comes to the door.  This is going to be bad….


Ben finds Sun.  Locke is gone.

Locke is very angry.  Jin is gone.

Jin is in Room 23.  Zoe comes in and will not let Jin leave.  She wants Jin to help her understand the maps of the electromagnetivity on the island.  Jin wants to talk to Widmore.  And Zoe is going to take her to him.

Locke  is cleaning his gun.  Claire comes up and starts whining about her place in Locke’s circle.  I really hate her wig.  Locke needs Kate because he is 3 people shy of getting off that island.  Once he gets on the plane, then whatever happens happens.

Commercial: I’m going to be watching V.


I can’t stand Keamey.  They find Jin in the bathroom.  Jin suggests that they give Keamey some of their money.  HEY!  It’s Mikhial, and he has two eyes.  Sun offers to go to the bank and get the money.  Mikhail takes Sun to the bank, while Keamey takes Jin to the restaurant.


Jack is checking Sun out, in a physician kind of way.  She seems to be able to understand English, she just can’t speak it anymore.  RICHARD!! shows up and tells them to pack their bags.

Locke walks up the Hydra Island beach, doesn’t try to cross the security perimeter, and gets shot at from the trees.  Widmore comes out.  Myth, ghost stories,  blah, blah, blah (we know he’s bad — get on with it).  Locke accuses him of taking Jin, but Widmore denies it.  Locke says, “A wise man once said, ‘War is coming to this island.’  I think it just got here.”

COMMERCIAL!!!  Well, Ben always said Widmore was coming to make war.


Wow, Richard knows all kinds of stuff now: where Locke is, where the plane is, and what Locke is going to try to do.


Sun and Mikhail are at the bank.  It appears that Sun’s account has been closed by Mr. Paik.  Hmm, wonder why?

Jin is in the restaurant fridge.  Keamey doesn’t seem to want to hurt Jin.   Keamey says that Mr. Paik found out about Jin and Sun’s relationship.  (Guess that’s why the bank account is closed.)  Keamey is definitely planning to kill Jin.


Zoe is a geophysicist.  THE PACKAGE?  Widmore gives Jin Sun’s camera that he found on the Ajira plane.  IT HAS PICTURES OF THEIR DAUGHTER ON IT!!!!  How sweet.  Awwwww, Jin!

OK, Widmore says that if the thing masquerading as John Locke ever gets off the island then everyone would cease to be.  Hmmmm.  That doesn’t sound good.  Widmore is going to show Jin the package…it’s a who.  Who could it be?

COMMERCIAL!  I think the package could be Walt or Desmond…one of the “special” ones.  Karl thinks it could also be Eloise.  I can’t wait for this stinking commercial break to be over.  Only about 5 minutes of show left!  This episode is a good one; we have progression.


Gunshots!  We know Sayid is out there killing Keamey and Co.  Jin begs Sayid to free him.  Sayid gives Jin the blades to cut himself free.  Mikhail and Sun walk into the kitchen and see the dead bodies.  Keamey is still alive.  Jin has a gun on Mikail.  LOOK OUT SUN!  Jin shoots out his eye!  OH NO!  Sun is hit!!  And I was right: she’s pregnant.  😦


Jack starts telling Sun another one of his doctor stories.  He gives Sun paper and pen so they can communicate.  He’s so smart.  Jack found a tomato in Sun’s garden. Ah, hope that something good will come.

Jack promises to get Sun on the plane with Jin.  She trusts him.  Somehow I don’t think this is just another promise that Jack can’t keep.

Kate looks rough.  James and she start talking about what’s going on.  James was so wrong about what Widmore did with Locke.  Locke mentioned the package to Sawyer — and now we know why Sawyer fell out of Locke’s favor.  He doesn’t like secrets.

Sayid is swimming up to the sub.  UH-OH!  He’s going to see who it is.  IT’S DESMOND!!!  And he looks terrible.

Teaser time:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that save a wretch like me.  I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

What did you think of this episode?  I can’t wait for next week!

7 Comments on “My first Lost live blog

  1. That was hilarious, Leslie! I loved it! I thought it was a really good episode, too, except they never give enough. It would be like asking me to read a really good book super slowly, one chapter a week. I would never be able to do it. I am really sad for Sun.


    • Thanks, Lynn! I was really surprised that they revealed the secret package this week. I thought we’d have to wait a few weeks for that tidbit. I imagine, though, that each week is going to be full of reveals since we’re so close to the end.


  2. I like your live blogging!

    I already knew Sun and Jin weren’t married in the sideways flash?

    And I’m embarrassed I didn’t recognize Mikhail! What kind of LOSTie am I?


    • Yes, we’ve known Sun and Jin weren’t married in the sideways flash since the very first episode on the airplane. They weren’t wearing wedding bands and the customs agent called Sun, “Ms. Paik.” You knew it, you just forgot.


  3. I didn’t recognize Mikhail either until AFTER the show! 🙂 Awesome ep. Ready to see where all this is going.

    You know, Sun has never been one of my fave characters at all. But I liked her focus last night.


    • Well, I think she could die soon. And I think Jin could be the Kwon on the wall. Here’s why: Sun is a Paik, not a Kwon, in the sideways universe. And she just got shot in the gut — that’s never good. Plus, I think it’s significant that she can’t speak English anymore and the sideways Sun can’t speak English. Merging timelines?


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