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Because I decided not to blog last week, I missed sharing my reaction to LOST.  Nutshell: it was a good episode.  I’m not very different from all the other LOST fans: seeing Richard’s backstory was quite satisfying.

The bottom line is this: Richard agreed to serve Jacob as his representative to the men and women brought to the island.  In exchange, he was given the gift of eternal life.

My friend Rebekah has already expressed some of the same reservations I have after watching “Ab Aeterno.” I won’t repeat what she’s already written (it’s good–you should read it), but I’ll share just a few brief notes.  1st, If Jacob is supposed to represent God, then he’s definitely not the God of the Bible.  The one in LOST seems to be lacking a few defining characteristics, like the ability to forgive sins.  (Jacob gave Richard the gift of eternal life, but he has to stay in his sin.  Doesn’t sound like God to me.)  #2, the free will / choice / destiny / fate theme seems to be going in an anti-Biblical direction.  #3, Jacob said in this episode that he wanted people to choose to do the right thing, that he didn’t want to tell them what to do.  But we’ve seen plenty of times when he’s told someone what to do.  Maybe he’s changed his mind since 1867.

I still love the show; I mean, I’m not going to quit watching just because it’s not following my particular brand of theology.  However, I’m not going to try to figure anything out.  I don’t think it does any good to ascribe certain actions and characteristics to Biblical people because nothing is a perfect match.  (Watch tonight’s episode totally prove me wrong.) I’m just going to enjoy it!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to “live blog” the rest of the season.  Instead of my proofread, over-analyzed reaction-recap, you’ll get my (somewhat) unfiltered reaction to what happens as it happens.  And I’ll probably post it as soon as the show is over.

6 Comments on “LOST: Ab Aeterno

  1. One thing about this episode was I was reminded of GRACE!! When the priest gave Ricardo no hope of of forgiveness, I had to pause it and rejoice on the great salvation that has been given to me!


    • OK, now you’ve gotten me thinking. If Jacob doesn’t forgive, why not? Who can? We saw Ilana extend grace to Ben, but how? Well, just because she did that does not mean that Ben is absolved of his lifetime of evil. Nevermind. See? That’s why it’s best to simply watch and enjoy. Do you think there is any correlation between the priest wearing black and the Man In Black? Is the church evil? The religious symbols on the island have been used by MIB. Significant? Is the only solution to the problem of good and evil on the island to do away with both of them?


  2. I wasn’t disappointed, I think because I’ve never thought LOST was a Biblical allegory. I’ve just enjoyed it as any other tv show like Star Trek (actually I hate Star Trek, but you get the point).

    I am excited to see how this thing ENDS!!


  3. Simply watch and enjoy, sounds like a plan! I too highly doubt any strict Biblical allegory; it IS Hollywood, after all! I do like figuring things out and for things to make sense in the end and there is where I suspect we will all end up frustrated in the end. I hope not, but I think probably so…


    • I’ll be happy if the ending frustrates as long as it makes sense. Frustration I can handle, but not nonsense.


  4. I agree that we are probably not going to like the theology of the show, and I think you may be onto something w/ speculation that it seems to be heading to a symbolism that the church is bad. That said, I still agree, too, that we can just watch it and enjoy and not get all wrapped up in the deeper message that may or may not be on the way.

    Now, to go against that, I’ve been thinking a bit about the symbolism throughout. You know all the speculation about who are the Adam and Eve skeletons and what is the significance of the white and black stones w/ them? I just wonder if MIB’s name is being withheld from us because it has some symbolic significance. What if MIB and Jacob are brothers and MIB’s name is Esau and the skeletons are their deceased parents (which I suppose would mean that the mother was crazy in MIB’s mind?) It would be interesting to remember which skeleton (male or female) had the white stone. If the female,then the Jacob/Esau thing might fit. Not that they are the biblical Jacob & Esau, but that the relationship is similar – one was dad’s favorite, one was mom’s, one was ‘good’ one was ‘bad’, the island is the birthright???? and now they’re in some cosmic battle w/each other.

    Yeah, I know we just said it’s better not to try to read much into the biblical symbolism, but that thought occurred to me, anyway.

    Basically, I’m just going along w/the story now and just want to see where they are going because I just want to know how it will end now. It’s been a very interesting show.


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