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Season 6

Sounds like Dr. Candle/Haliwax/whatever is introducing Hugo Reyes. Hugo is being honored as “Man of the Year.” Everyone loves Hugo. Remember when he thought everyone hated him?

Outside the banquet, Hugo and his mother are waiting for a car. She tells him she thinks he needs a woman. She has set up a date with Rosalita, the neighbor’s daughter.

On the island, Hugo is visiting Libby’s grave and placing a fresh flower on her cross. He is talking to her about the “crazy stuff” that’s happening. Hugo seems a little emotional when Ilana walks up to say it’s time to go, that they have to go blow up the plane.

I hear whispers. Michael appears. He says, “I’m here to stop you from getting everyone killed.”

The whispers…hmm. In the past, when we’ve heard the whispers the others or a dead person have shown up. This is the first I’ve heard whispers this season. I wish I knew what it means. It can’t be MIB because he can only be Locke. And all the other appearances this season have been accompanied by the sounds of Smokey.

Michael’s new capped teeth are messing up his ability to speak clearly.

Yay! Rosalita never showed up; Libby sat down at Hugo’s table. She saw him from across the room. “Do you believe that 2 people can be connected like soul mates?…You don’t remember me, do you?” Oh, she’s a patient in the mental institute. Her doctor took her away.

Our Losties on the beach are arguing about what they need to do. The plan is to blow up the cockpit of the airplane. Hugo is the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea. WHAT!!!! I NEED A COMMERCIAL! I NEED A COMMERCIAL! ILANA JUST EXPLODED!!

Locke’s camp: Locke is explaining to Kate and James that the people who came to the island together have to leave the island together. Sayid walks into the camp and asks Locke to follow him. They take a short walk to where Desmond is tied to a tree.

COMMERCIAL: I cannot believe that Ilana is dead. Did the island do that? Or did she just forget Dr. Arzt’s dynamite lesson? Wow. I didn’t see that coming.

Hugo is looking through some stuff. He found a bag…whatever he saw made him change his mind about blowing up the plane.

Off island: Now Hugo is eating a bucket’o’chicken. Desmond walks into the Mr. Cluck’s and joins Hugo, who tells Desmond everything about his “date” with Libby. Desmond encourages Hugo to find out how Libby knows him. His order number was 42, lol.

OK, so Desmond is going to start putting everyone together.

On island: MIB is asking Desmond about why Widmore brought him to the island. It looks like Desmond is lying to MIB. MIB asks, “Do you know who I am?” Desmond says that MIB is John Locke.

Ben, Jack, Sun, Lapidus, Miles, and Richard are hiking through the jungle. Ben is trying to put it all together — he says that the island was done with Ilana. Makes him wonder what it’s going to do once it’s done with them. Good question, Ben.

Hugo is missing. NO, he’s screaming, “Run!” Hugo blew up the Black Rock. He says he blew it up because he’s protecting us.

COMMERCIAL: So much is happening in this episode I almost can’t keep up. I like how Hugo is making decisions, taking the lead. He’s so different from the cursed Hurley we met six years ago.

How does Hugo know he can believe Michael? “Dead people are more reliable than alive people.”

Hugo is talking to Libby’s doctor about visiting her. The doctor does not think it’s a good idea for Hugo to see Libby. Hugo is going to use his bank account to buy some face time with Libby. Cool!

Libby looks so excited to see him. She explains that she started having memories of Hugo when she saw him on the television. She remembers the plane crash and the island. She even has a memory of Hugo being a patient in the mental hospital. But Hugo does not remember her. Hugo asks Libby out on a date.

Desmond and MIB are walking on the island. “This island has it in for all of us.” A boy appears behind them. MIB wants Desmond to ignore him. It looks like the same boy we saw a few episodes ago, but he looks older. Whoever that boy is, MIB does not like him.

Hugo says they have to go talk to Locke. Hugo is talking to Jacob and Jacob says that they have to talk to Locke. Richard says that it can’t be Jacob who’s talking to Hugo because Jacob never tells the people what to do.

Jack, Sun, and Lapidus go with Hugo.
Ben and Miles go with Richard.

COMMERCIAL: Richard made a very good point, don’t you think? I mean, Jacob himself said that he doesn’t want to interfere with the people he brings to the island. However, Jacob has been telling Hugo what to do all season. But Hugo looked a little unsure of himself there with all the eye motions. Karl is telling me that he doesn’t think Jacob would ever advise anyone to go talk to MIB.

Sun and Lapidus are thinking that they made a mistake. Now Hugo confesses that he didn’t really see Jacob. Great talk with Jack…now I hear whispers again. Hugo thinks he know what the whispers are! Yay, I hope we get an answer. Michael comes out. Michael explains that the whispers are the ones who can’t move on because of what they did; they’re stuck on the island. Michael tells Hugo where Locke/MIB is. Michael says the only thing he can do for them is not get killed.

Off island: Hugo and Libby are having a picnic on the beach — just like he always wanted. Libby is remembering that this is the date they never had. OOH! When Libby kissed him he remembered the plane crash and the island! Sweet!

Desmond was watching from his car. He seems pretty pleased with himself. Oh, I wish I understood the significance of what he’s doing.

COMMERCIAL: I am wondering now what it means when the characters in the sideways reality make a connection with their island reality. Do you have any thoughts?

MIB and Desmond arrive at a well. Which, if I recall, is also the site of the Orchid station and the frozen donkey wheel. MIB says it’s so old that it was dug by hand. The people who dug the wells were looking for answers because those places made compass needles spin. MIB says that Widmore is only interested in power, not answers. MIB asks, “Why aren’t you afraid?” Uh-oh — I’M AFRAID Desmond is going to be thrown down that well. Desmond asks, “What is the point of being afraid?” AAAANNNNNDDD….there he goes. But there’s no way he’s really dead — he’s “special” and “the island isn’t done” with him yet.

Hugo walks into MIB’s camp. Locke gives Hugo his word that they won’t try anything. Oh no. Now MIB has everyone he needs to leave the island.

Off island: Desmond is watching Locke outside the school. Ben knocks on his window, like any good teacher who saw a man lurking around a school, and asks him what he’s up to. The look in Desmond’s eyes is telling me that Locke is about to get run over. *GASP* Unbelievable!

Bad Robot!

I’m going to try to put something together: The whispers indicate that a person/soul of one trapped on the island is appearing. Michael is trapped because of “what he did.” What he did (killed a bunch of people) was evil! So, I’m thinking that those folks who are trapped on the island are in league with MIB, a.k.a “pure evil,” who is also trapped on the island. They want off the island. So, then, it is very bad that Hugo, Jack, Sun and Lapidus are visiting MIB.

13 Comments on “Lost “Everybody Loves Hugo”

    • I have no idea what’s in the bag, but that’s an excellent guess! I think your husband could be right.


  1. Oh how confused I am. I loved the ep tho. Did you notice when Hurley and LIbby were on the beach they said the exact same words they said on the island …can’t recall them right off now, but it is when Hurley says ” I mean, look at me, why would you like a guy like me?” And she says “I like you because I want to like you.” or something like that. But it was exactly as it was on the beach on island.

    Alternate realities/universes.
    Purgatory…yes, I’m still hanging on there with the “we can’t move on” comment by Michael…..

    This is either brilliant writing, or it is going to be a MESS at the end if it doesn’t get tied up nicely with a bow.

    I’m not sure which 🙂 Still, I hang on, loving every minute of it.


    • And I forgot to add, the Ilena thing was total shock to me too! I figured she was REALLY significant in all of this….

      maybe she still is….



      • Nah, I think Ben’s monologue answered that question for us: “The island is done with her.”


    • Yes, I noticed their conversation on the beach was similar to the one they had before — were they doing laundry in the hatch the first time they talked about their relationship?

      I am excited about the ending. I am ready for this crazy show to be over!


  2. I was wondering if it’s going to be that if they are successful in bringing the alternate reality into being, then maybe those that are stuck (like Michael) will get a second chance, and maybe that’s why Michael wants Hugo not to get killed. Can’t figure out how that translates into it being a good idea that now everyone MIB needs are now there, though, so that may not work. I think that wasn’t a good move on Hugo’s part. Maybe Michael knows what it will take for Des to get the job done? I agree, Des CAN’T be dead yet. I think he has a key role in all this. I did like the conversation w/Jack and Hugo. Jack seems to be learning from past mistakes, but I’m not sure he needs to be quite as willing to follow w/o speaking up as he has been. Last week I thought I was starting to figure some of it out, but after this week I’m not as sure.

    I wonder if Des ran down Locke, trying to kill him, because he’s not really Locke in that reality either but actually MIB in disguise? Either that or because Locke’s identity was taken over by MIB in the original time line Des has to destroy Locke before he has any memory of the island in order to keep things “happily ever after”. I wonder if it’s good for the others to remember, but bad for Locke, like maybe if Locke remembers it could give MIB an ‘in’ he doesn’t have if Locke never remembers.

    Really, I don’t know.

    About the bag…I wondered about the ashes, too, but why would that make Hugo change his mind? It sounded like something solid, like maybe stones or something when he picked it up. Still don’t know why that changed his mind.

    And my reaction to Ilana was exactly the same. I looked at my husband and started yelling, “Did she really just die? Like that? Really?” I’m driving my husband crazy.


    • A few people have mentioned that Locke in the flash sideways could be MIB in disguise. I think this is a cool idea. But if the MIB could get to the real world would he choose a body in which he was paralyzed?


      • Interesting question, Beth. All I can think is that Locke wasn’t paralyzed on the island and MIB probably didn’t expect the nuke and the time split. When the nuke went off, the real Locke was dead and MIB was stuck in his body….so, maybe the person in the wheelchair really is MIB.


    • I agree. I think everyone is right about Locke being possessed by MIB in the alt-timeline. That makes total sense. So, do you think the memories that MIB is having are really Locke’s memories? You know, the crazy mother stuff. Or do you think MIB really had a crazy mother. I’ve read some other opinions about MIB’s mother being Lilith. Look it up — it’s interesting.


  3. Perhaps Hurley and company are going to prove the MIB wrong (that they AREN’T there to come, fight, kill corrupt) and that it doesn’t always end the same. Maybe working along side MIB will prove him wrong in the end.


  4. EviLocke does NOT have everyone he needs to leave yet – Jin is with Charles Widmore. So our castaways are safe for a little while.

    I was totally shocked by both Ilana’s sudden death and Des running Sideways Locke over, although I have thought for awhile that the alternate universe was MIB’s escape. The only person who is really happy in it is Locke, so it makes perfect sense to me that Sideways Locke is MIB. He’s the one who tempted Sideways Ben into taking over the school principal’s job, remember?

    The last couple of episodes have been great!


    • “EviLocke does NOT have everyone he needs to leave yet – Jin is with Charles Widmore. So our castaways are safe for a little while.” Whew! I forgot about Jin.


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