48-Hour Marriage Special

For the next two days, these two excellent books are available at a deep discount from Westminster Books.

What Did You Expect?What Did You Expect? is on sale for $8.99.

This is what Elyse Fitzpatrick has to say about What Did You Expect?: “What I’ve come to expect from Paul Tripp is consistently deep, transparent, biblical, wise, practical, gospel-driven counsel. Rather than muddying the water with self-focused strategies designed to meet our ever-multiplying needs, Paul, as the seasoned soul-physician he is, correctly diagnoses our problems and provides the cure—humble faith in Jesus Christ. I wasn’t disappointed. You won’t be either.”

You may be interested in reading a sample chapter. WTS is providing a preview of Ch. 7 — Commitment 2: “Pulling Weeds”

The second book they are offering is John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage. It’s only $5.00!

The Momentary MarriagePiper defends and exalts the biblical view of marriage. Piper says, “Most foundationally, marriage is the doing of God. And ultimately, marriage is the display of God. It displays the covenant-keeping love between Christ and his people to the world in a way that no other event or institution does. Marriage, therefore, is not mainly about being in love. It’s mainly about telling the truth with our lives. And staying married is not about staying in love. It is about keeping covenant and putting the glory of Christ’s covenant-keeping love on display.”

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