LOST: The Last Recruit

This is a semi-live blogging of this episode.  I took a few notes when I watched it last night, but I couldn’t pay attention because I was on the phone.  I watched again after school.  Here are my thoughts, questions, predictions.

Scene 1: We did not learn anything new from Jack and Locke’s conversation.  Smokey/MIB did confess he was pretending to be Jack’s father.  I already suspected that, though.  New questions:

  • How did Smokey/MIB/Christian visit Jack in the flash forward?
  • Why does it take all of them for Flocke to get off the island?  Is that just because of precedent or is there a real reason for it?  If so, I want them to ‘splain it to me.
  • Am I really supposed to believe that “Evil Incarnate” can just hop on an airplane and leave the island?  I hope there’s something else up Flocke’s sleeve because I’m not buying that.

Scene 2: No new info.  No revelations.

Scene 3: Sun recognizes Locke.  I am assuming she is having a deja-vu-ish moment.

Scene 4: Claire drops a bombshell — once a person lets Flocke speak to him, then he or she is automatically on his side.  I hope this isn’t true.  Can’t a person change his mind?!  Flocke goes on and on about how terrible Jacob is for choosing people to come to the island.  Well, at least Jacob doesn’t use them for anything; he leaves them be.  Flocke takes them captive through lies and deception, then turns them into zombies with bad hair.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike Claire’s wig?  It makes me angry.

COMMERCIAL: I sure hope what Claire just said isn’t true.

Scene 5: James tells Hurley and Kate tells Sun about the plan to escape the island on Widmore’s sub.  Hurley asks, “What about Sayid?”  James replies that Sayid has turned to the dark side.   Hurley, once again, expresses the desires of the fans watching at home, “Yeah, but you can always turn people back from the dark side…I mean, Anakin?”  Of course!  Hurley is referring to the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi when Luke saves his father Anakin by helping him turn away from the dark side and kill the Emperor.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I believe the zombies (Claire and Sayid) can be turned back to the light.  Watching their redemption is going to be sweet.

Scene 6: Kate swears she’s innocent of murder.  I love their banter.  James offers Kate an apple.  Adam and Eve?  Miles and James do a little racial profiling; quite reminiscent of season 1 when Michael fights with Jin and constantly accuses Sayid of being a terrorist.

Scene 7: Flocke doesn’t even flinch when that inter-island missile drops behind him.


Scene 8: Desmond is continuing his pursuit of putting the Losties together again. New questions:

  • What is it about Desmond’s sideways life that puts him in such a close relationship with Ilana?  Probably a Widmore connection.
  • Why did he want to put Claire with Ilana?

Scene 9: No new info.  No revelation.  No action.

Scene 10:  Flocke wants Sayid to kill Desmond, who is still sitting in the bottom of a well.


Scene 11:  Desmond asks a key question that I think will change everything for Sayid.  I don’t think he’s going to kill Desmond!  He just helped Sayid turn from the dark side!!

Scene 12: Sayid gets arrested.  You know what?  Sometimes getting caught is the best thing that can happen to a person.

Scene 13: Obviously, James does not believe that people can turn from the dark side.

Scene 14: Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Lapidus sneak away from Flocke’s group.  Claire watches — she’s feeling abandoned again.

Scene 15: WOO HOO!  Sayid said, “I just killed an unarmed man…I needed a moment.”  Only someone with a conscience, even just tiny sliver of one, would say something like that.  He has turned from the dark side!  Plus, he had facial expression!  Sayid is back!!!!  I’m so happy.

Scene 16: James’ and Kate’s hair and clothing sure did dry quickly.  Did you notice that Kate called James, Sawyer?  Things are changing.  It looks like Claire is turning from the dark side, too!


Scene 17: Jack and David are developing a close bond.

Scene 18: OK, now I see why Desmond had to get Claire to Ilana’s office: he needed to get her to meet Jack.

Scene 19: Jack is beginning to listen more to his gut.  Even though he isn’t relying on logic, he seems more sure of his decisions.  After apologizing to James for getting Juliet killed, he jumps off the boat.  Now Kate looks unsure of going along with James.


Scene 20:  Sun and Jin’s baby is going to be fine!  Sun and Jin are going to be fine.  🙂

Scene 21: Jack, super-confident dural sac-repairing spinal surgeon, recognizes Locke.  Probably from the airport.  I don’t think he’s having an island deja-vu.

Scene 22: Flocke is angry with Sawyer for taking his boat.  Notice: he called him Sawyer instead of James.  Things are changing.

Scene 23:  Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Claire, Lapidus are in trouble on Hydra Island.

Scene 24: Jack is with Flocke and injured from the bomb.  I wonder if this wasn’t Flocke’s plan all along –> to get Jack alone.  Jack has seemed to be a major key in this season; I think he’s the one to take Jacob’s place.  If Flocke kills Jack, then there’s no one to take Jacob’s place over the island and Flocke is free.  Right?  But why not just kill him?  Why does Flocke need Jack?  WHAT IF…Jack takes Flocke’s place?  Nah, that’s ridiculous.

Who’s on the island?  Desmond, Sayid, Jack, Ben, Richard…am I forgetting anyone?

What did you think of this episode?  I can’t believe we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode.  I REALLY can’t believe this is going to be tied up in just 4 more episodes.

7 Comments on “LOST: The Last Recruit

  1. Not a word for Sun and Jin’s reunion? I don’t think Claire’s boomshell is an absolute. Richard is an example, although you could say that he can resist because he has also talked with Jacob. If that is the case, Hurley should be able to resist as well, because he regularly talks with Jacob.


    • I’m glad they FINALLY got back together on the island. 🙂 I hope your right about what Claire said. When Jacob found out that Richard talked to MIB he wasn’t all that upset/concerned about it. The only people I can recall saying, “Don’t let him speak…” are Dogen and Claire and they were already deceived/being used by him. So…you’re probably right. Wouldn’t that be neat if hearing Jacob’s voice allowed an ability to resist the MIB?


  2. I don’t think Claire’s word is absolute either. I’m still baffled and wondering what is going on. If the series ends like Twin Peaks I will be so, so sad and disappointed. But I’m holding out hope!!!! It was nice to see Ilana again; I like her character.


    • I never watched Twin Peaks. I’ve heard it was a good show, but the theme music always gave me the creeps.

      Ilana was SO happy in this episode — totally different. I like her, too.


  3. I keep wondering why FLocke didn’t just have Sayid kill Desmond on sight. Was there some information that he needed to get from him. Did he need to turn into Desmond soup in the well?


    • I think it’s because there must be a “rule” about Flocke killing the candidates. When he and Des were walking through the jungle, the boy showed up, I think, to remind Flocke that he can’t kill him. And I guess that’s why he won’t be able to kill Jack. He’ll have to get someone else to do it


  4. Going out on a limb, but I’m starting to wonder if perhaps it’s actually Desmond who is going to ‘replace’ Jacob. He’s certainly acting like him in the alternate universe – making contact w/ the special people and all. Under that theory I’d guess Jack would function as the new Richard.

    How I really want it to pan out, though, is that we get to leave the island behind and bring about the alternate universe as the only universe, because pretty much all of our characters seem better in that scenario. I think that won’t exactly happen though, because I’m probably missing some major thing in that they do all have those deja vu moments and ‘remember’ the island. I’m so confused.

    Other than that, I’ve sort of quit trying to figure it out and am just enjoying the ride to the end. I was happy about Jin and Sun, too.

    And the Anakin reference – sweet!


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