Test Drive the New ESV Online

I spent some time this morning checking out the new ESV Online (beta).  It’s very similar to expensive Bible study software I’ve purchased in the past.  It’s easy to use and the features include:

  • My Notes
  • Audio (two voice options for listening to Scripture)
  • highlighting
  • underlining
  • highlight and share on twitter, facebook, and google buzz — this is neat
  • your choice of page layout, columns, and tab movement
  • Devotions and Bible reading plans
  • Ribbons and bookmarks
  • Scripture Memory plan

One feature I really like is ability to have one column of Scripture, one column of notes, and/or study Bible articles side-by-side.  And it looks like the relevant articles are automatically pulled up depending on the passage of Scripture I have selected.  For instance, a search for James pulls up the Scripture and the study notes; the relevant maps, diagrams, and charts; Introduction and prefatory articles; and five other articles.  All of these are already in my ESV Study Bible, but when studying it’s helpful to have them all on one page (or screen).

I have four invitations to give away. If you’d like to check it out, leave a comment (make sure you fill in the email box; your address will remain private) and I’ll send you an invitation.  It’s in beta, so don’t expect it to run perfectly.  There is a space for you to leave feedback if something does not work like it’s supposed to.

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