A 15-minute post

I am in the midst of a 15-minute break and am forcing myself to blog.  My little yellow header bird tweets in the morning, “It’s been too long since our last (up)date.  Please write.”  Truth be told, I have missed pounding this keyboard.

Doing this with a timer set reminds me of the daily writing exercise my creative writing teacher assigned at the start of class.  She’d write one word on the board and give us 5 minutes to write whatever came to mind.  Some days that little exercise was the most difficult assignment imaginable.  Other days I could write a two pages in 5 minutes.  This does not feel like one of those days.

Now that we’ve started school, I find myself not wanting to read or think about anything at the end of the day.  After school, errands, driving the kids where they need to be, preparing lessons, etc., I am spent.  I think about blogging, but I have zero energy or patience for stringing the right words together.  I hope after I fully adjust to our new schedule that I can make time for my favorite hobby again.

Hannah is playing volleyball on a real team this year.  When we started home schooling we thought athletics would be one of those things that we would just have to sacrifice.  A lot has changed since we started our family in 1999.  Home schooling is a big thing in Tuscaloosa; our home educator network includes more than 400 kids.  Many parents have worked hard to organize for sports.  THE (Tuscaloosa Home Educators) now has teams for almost all sports and we compete in the Alabama Christian School Conference.  Last night, Tuscaloosa Warriors competed against a christian school in Millbrook, AL.  Both teams (JV and Varsity) won their matches.

As we were passing through Centreville, AL, on our way home we got stuck traveling behind a catfish truck.  We had to endure fishy air for several miles.  It was gross.

My fifteen minute break is over.  I have to get back to the school day now.  Wednesday is one of my least busy days, so perhaps I’ll be able to blog tonight after church.  On Wednesday nights, we are doing Tim Keller’s study, Gospel in Life.  It is excellent.  I’ve several posts in my draft pile that were inspired because of something related to it.  Lord willing, I’ll finish one of them soon!

9 Comments on “A 15-minute post

  1. I can understand the feeling of being spent at the end of the day. You are doing a great job. I am inspired by all of your hard work!


  2. You are doing better than I am. I had this vision about what my blog entry from our vacation would look and sound like. The vacation was almost a month ago and I have nothing on my blog to show for it.


  3. Zero energy or patience for stringing words together EXACTLY describes me this week. I had a blogging rush last week but it fizzled out and quick.


    • The smell caught us off-guard! It was so funny as we realized the awful smell and from whence it came.


  4. I have hardly blogged at all this past year; the move was enough to keep me spent. But now, I’m trying to blog at the end of our school week on Friday nights. It’s kind of my assignment for the week. Thanks for the update.


    • I want to do an “end-of-the-week” post, too. So far I’ve only done one. I had wanted to take pictures of the kids working during the week, but I can’t find my camera. I let one of the kids use it — you know, to fuel his/her creativity — and now no one knows where it is. Lesson learned.


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