September Status Report

Following my friend Lisa, I am going to inundate you with present participles and ellipses.

Sitting….at the school table beside Hannah.

Helping….Hannah with her math lesson.

Drinking…sweet tea.

Finishing…this math lesson so I can start some lunch.  We’re having sandwiches.  Again.

Reading…Isaiah.  Despite missing many days and having to catch-up, I’m persevering in my year-long Bible-reading plan.  Isaiah and Jeremiah make for a difficult couple of months, no?  Difficult = convicting.  I’m also beginning reading Surprised by Grace by Tullian Tchividjian.  Lisa, Melissa and I are going to read and blog through it together at SBG.

Laughing…because the WordPress media gallery suggests that I add a picture of a certain yellow cartoon family because the name ‘Lisa’ is in this post a couple of times.

Pondering…what Sarah Palin going to Iowa means.  If she runs for the Republican nomination in 2012, I’m afraid it will ruin our chances of ousting the current administration from office that November.  I know that running doesn’t mean she will actually win the nomination, but it’s still kind of upsetting to consider.  What do you think?  Do you think she can win in a general election?

Fighting…my flesh which wants to stay in bed longer than I should, eat more than I need to, and exercise next to never.  Couch to 5K, anyone?  Now that the temperature is coming down, I think I’ll start walking outside again.  The treadmill bores me so.

Looking…for a cool hair cut.  I want to be able to pull of something rad awesome and say, “I got my hair did.”  I don’t think I can, though.

I’m thinking about this cut

with these bangs—>

What do you think?

8 Comments on “September Status Report

  1. I got really annoyed with Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, although I liked her immediately when McCain chose her as his running mate. I will defend her for many of the things she represents, but she had some unforgivably stupid moments that she will never be able to overcome among the media elite (ask Dan Quayle).

    What Sarah Palin seemed to be when she was chosen was authentic, a real person, a breath of fresh air. I’d say that whomever runs against Obama will need that, plus a commitment to make some painful spending cuts. What we don’t need though is someone who is painfully ignorant of how the economy works, how foreign relations work, and how the government (doesn’t) work. We already have that. Another four years of it would be disastrous.


  2. Voting yes on the haircut. Looks like it has good movement. That is stylist talk. I’m just a repeater.

    I’m also reading/studying Isaiah. It’s on my schedule to teach this year. Hold me. It’s a tremendous book. Good thing the Lord equips the weak. sigh.


  3. Can’t say yes to the bangs. Sorry, I have a serious phobia but it might be because I have too much natural wave … it just ain’t pretty. But you could definitely pull off the “rad” part!

    I have the same concerns that you do about Palin. After this last election I am all about picking the absolute best candidate for a win and taking no risks.


    • I have some natural waves, too, but they aren’t in my bangs. 😉 My hair is very sit-flat-on-my-head straight.


  4. I’m a little behind on my blog reading and commenting…so did you do the ‘do? I got bangs cut awhile back and I like them, a lot, for about two weeks and then after that they’re too long! My stylist does bang trims for free but it’s not like I have all the time in the world (contrary to popular opinion stay at home mom does NOT equal unparallelled me time). Anyway, I think you should GO FOR IT and that you should most definitely post pictures!

    Couch to 5K? you GO, girl!


    • I’m not doing the couch to 5K yet. I’m still in the thinking about it stage. 🙂 If I do participate, it will mean getting up before the sun, an unappealing point.


      • That’s been the hard part for me too. Trying to fit the running in. Getting up before the sun, just doesn’t sound too great to me.

        BTW, I think your hair would look great like that!


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