a good word for me today

From the True Woman Conference taking place this weekend in Fort Worth (and my facebook feed):

“Stop dreaming of a walk with God in a life somewhere else. That’s where God wants to shine His light; that’s where God wants to give His grace!” –Pastor James MacDonald

I’m assuming that the “that” to which MacDonald is referring is my “this”.

One Comment on “a good word for me today

  1. Wow. That goes right along with a lot of thoughts I had as I was going to sleep last night. I keep wanting to get to this certain “place” spiritually, as a mom and wife, and personally where I’ll be “perfect,” doing it all right. I am aggravated every day that I am not there; meanwhile, God is sanctifying me little by little, step by step, and He is extremely patient. He wants me where I need Him so He can give His grace. Great quote!


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