Looking back on Alabamenagerie 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes. I moved from Blogger to WordPress, changed the name of my blog from Lux Venit to Alabamenagerie (something Karl helped me make up to express that this blog didn’t really have a specific theme), and bought a domain.

The biggest thing that happened, without question, was the earthquake in Haiti. I was in the middle of advocate training with Compassion International, so the plight of the poor, the reasons for poverty, and the effects of poverty were on my mind, and, I guess, I was just a bit sensitive and emotional about what the people were suffering. Like so many of you, I blogged about it, I kept track of news, cried, prayed, and gave what I could.

I started serving breakfast at a local homeless feeding ministry. I learned a lot about myself that I don’t like. I haven’t been back to serve breakfast since Easter. I need to go back. Also, we watched the Olympics.

We had the flu, I missed an Eric Clapton concert, and the kids made a movie.

Karl and I attended “Secret Church: The Gospel, Possessions, and Prosperity” and read Radical by David Platt. Lisa and I MIRLed. I aired my grievances about a certain rabbit.

Oh, May….I should have announced a blogging break.

Only 4 posts and 1 draft for June. I know what I was doing; I was fulfilling my duties as a “Swim Mom.” All four kids were involved in the summer swim team program. Also, I was preparing for the month-long Compassion International campaign for my church.

Wow, 10 whole posts for the month of July. I tried to cram some fun into the summer. We spent the day at Alabama Adventure and we started school early.

Writing improved a bit this month. I published a couple of book reviews, my opinion on Glenn Beck, girls playing football, and the sun’s activity.

Wow, only 2 posts about anything going on in my life, and both deal with writer’s block. The blogging break that should have begun in May should have resumed in September.

Lots of quotes from various books in October.

I gave thanks for many things. I shared a little of Christian Schmidt’s story with you. Watching him share the gospel from a hospital bed was probably the most moving and significant event of my month. Meeting Condoleezza Rice was pretty cool.

I think, perhaps, the last 6 weeks or so have been better for me as far as blogging goes. Looking back, however, I can see how lack of purpose affected my blogging, writing, and creativity. As 2010 ends, Alabamenagerie will come to a close. It was fun, but I feel the need for direction, clarity of purpose, and a blog that expresses those things.

See you in 2011!

8 Comments on “Looking back on Alabamenagerie 2010

  1. Alabamenagerie comes to a close? So….new blog? New name? Both? You’ve got my curiosity piqued!

    Our MIRL was definitely a 2010 highlight! We need to do it again…and soon!

    Happy New Year, friend!


  2. Leslie,
    Loved this post–so fun to “catch up” with you after being out of the loop for awhile. Will stay tuned:)


  3. Yeah, I’m discovering a theme helps focus as well 🙂 Looking through this list, I liked your post on the Winter Olympics, and just wanted to encourage you… it’s not THAT cold in Vancouver, especially in the summer. You’d probably enjoy it, it’s a very pretty city.


  4. Happy New Year, Leslie!
    I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!


    • Hi Wendy- wondering if you may be the same Wendy that I used to blog with back in the day! Hope you are doing well…



  5. Leslie! I’m back on blogger, so hopefully will get to “see” you more. Have a great day- looking forward to your writing in 2011



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