Thankful Thursday

Wow, it feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing a Thankful Thursday post.  It’s hard to believe that a whole week has already passed.

Today I am doing my best to give thanks for the messes I will have to work on this afternoon.

After the Christmas holidays, I dragged and dragged myself to put away all of the Christmas decor. I didn’t want to get it out before Christmas and I didn’t want to put it away after Christmas. Then we celebrated the new year.  Then we had the great snow and ice of 2011. Then Karl had the day off on Monday. I accepted any excuse to put off starting school. I say “put off” because back in July (when I originally planned our school year) I had planned for us to start back the first week of January.

My calendar? She mocks me daily.

This week, the THIRD week of January, we started school.  And do you know what my sweet husband said when he came home last night?  (Which is always a good thing, by the way. I am very thankful that coming home is his favorite time of day).

Karl walks in and says, “I can tell you guys have started school. This is the messiest the house has been in three weeks.”

First, his noticing that the house is messy indicates to me that at some point in the past he noticed that the house was clean.  I am thankful for that.

Second, this mess is an indicator of other wonderful things going on in my home. Though I fought starting school, once we started I remembered how much I enjoy teaching my children at home.

I am thankful that they like to get their work finished quickly so that they’re free to play. Because the sooner they’re finished, then the sooner I’m finished and I get to write. Before I sit to write today, however, I have to clean up a few rooms.

3 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. There would have to be serious, serious damage for my husband to nice a mess. If he says it’s messy, it really is! That works in reverse, though, because that means he is unaware when he is being messy!


  2. I could just about have written this post myself. My Christmas stuff is still up. We were supposed to start school the first week of January, but I refused to be stressed into that while trying to unpack. Then we had snow week here. And Brian’s been really sick and home most of this week. But we did school this week. And I still wasn’t prepared exactly, but it went very well and I enjoyed it more than I have in some time. But it was nice to get housework done for a couple of weeks and not feel stressed out about it. And the Christmas decorations looked really nice during snow week – almost like a delayed Christmas at home. Now, however, they just look like they’ve been up too long. :^)


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