Thankful Thursday

I’m joining Kim and other bloggers in sharing a short list of things for which I’m thankful.

Today I am thankful that my children are growing up. They depend on me less and less. I’ve not been one of those moms who cries with every growth milestone — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Even those times that I’ve tried weeping (because I felt like I should be sad because “my baby is growing up”), Karl has been quick to say, “You know you don’t really feel that way.” And he’s right. I’m not that sentimental. In fact, I like it. I want to see what they will do and think and become. Even more, each day proves to me that will be just fine without me. They are growing mentally, physically, and spiritually. What a relief!

I am thankful that all of the kids enjoy reading and/or listening to stories. Even Noah, who has had more of a struggle with reading, seems to want to try harder lately. (I think it may have something to do with his little sister being on her fourth book since Tuesday thanks to the Magic Tree House series). He doesn’t want to read for long stretches of time yet, but I am confident that he will…eventually. I know I give thanks for my kids’ reading quite a bit, but I’m just going to keep on because it makes me so happy.

I am thankful for last night’s rain. The pollen in the air has been quite thick. Our drive way resembled a yellow river and the coat of our black cat took on a magical green hue. We needed the rain to wash some of that pollen away. Of course, everything is pollen-covered again already, but this is Spring in Alabama.

I’m thankful that the girls’ bunk bed arrived yesterday. Now I won’t have to answer, “I don’t know,” every day when they ask, “When is the new bed going to be here?” Instead, I get to answer, “When is Daddy going to put our bed together?”

I’m thankful for the purple phlox blooming around the mailbox and colorful azaleas throughout the neighborhood.

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