We’re still talking about Wednesday’s weather

I don’t have time to write a lengthy post about what all is going on in Tuscaloosa. The internet will tell you all you need to know. My family is safe. Our church family is all accounted for and being cared for.

If you would like to donate, you are welcome to do so through our church. Our pastor has set up a way to do that online. Just click on the screenshot of our church website (I put it here so you can see where the donate button is in relation to the rest of the page) and the link will take you to the site.

Please pray for Alabama, specifically Tuscaloosa. People are still missing.

3 Comments on “We’re still talking about Wednesday’s weather

  1. Leslie, I am stunned by the video footage for Tuscaloosa. I’m thankful that you and your church family is safe and pray for all those who have been affected.


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