This Week in Pictures

It’s been a fun week for the Wiggins family.

We visited the pool.

We visited Homegrown Alabama.

Last night, I attended a Birmingham Bloggers’ event, So You Think You Can Blog, hosted by the See Jane Write Network. I always enjoy meeting other bloggers. When I started blogging in 2006, finding another blogger “in real life” was a rare thing. In fact, whenever I mentioned my blog, I had to define ‘blog.’ Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their cat has a blog. Tuscaloosa could use a few more, but Birmingham, from what I hear, has a ton. I met a few last night.

Our panel of speakers: In the houndstooth is Laura Kate Whitney, a.k.a. Magic City Mama, of The Magic City Manifesto. To her left is Rachel, of Alabama Bloggers and Grasping for Objectivity. To her left is Jenn West of The Jenn West Quest. I also met and spoke with Trish and Angie, creators of Birmingham Mommy.

And today, thanks to a local fundraiser, we are enjoying these

(click to enlarge the sugary goodness)

I will be so happy when KK comes back to T-town.

One Comment on “This Week in Pictures

  1. The blogging event looks so fun! I live in the greater Huntsville area. A few of my friends here from church have blogs, but none of them very consistently. So meeting more bloggers would be really cool.

    I’ll look for you in Atlanta at WoF. 🙂


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