A Thankful Status Update

Reclining…in the bed

Drinking…Dr. Pepper

Watching…the first SEC game of the college football season! YES! I am so happy to finally see some SEC football. Bama’s season opener is this Saturday against Kent State, and we are super excited. Some Kent State players and coaches came to town earlier this week to help with rebuilding a home destroyed by April’s tornado. Click the image below to visit TideTV for interviews with players while they work on a home this week.

Anticipating…many things: lots of good things happening among our church family,  college football Saturdays, teaching AWANA, memorizing lots of scripture with the kids, (re)learning new things with the new school year, cool fall weather, pre-algebra, a trip to the beach, a mission community, new grace in the morning (for real, today wasn’t great; I’m ready for tomorrow).

Praying…for some rain! Have mercy, we need a tropical storm to send some rain our way. The ground is brown and crunchy, and the air is dry and dusty. I’m not asking for a natural disaster…we just need rain.

Thankful…for our homeschooling community. I am learning about all kinds of academic, athletic, and leadership opportunities open for my kids now that they’re getting older. I am thankful for the parents who walked this road ahead of me and created our homeschool association. I am thankful for their wisdom. I am thankful for other moms who like to sell their old books and curriculum for very reasonable prices.




One Comment on “A Thankful Status Update

  1. I love gratitude lists–and am glad that Ann Voskamp has made them popular again. 🙂 Speaking of gratitude, we’re grateful you’ve chosen to join the High Calling blog network. Let us know how we can help you! 🙂


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