Thanksgiving Preparations

This week we have been cleaning, reorganizing, and shopping in preparation for our Thanksgiving celebrations. We’ve also done a lot of relaxing, game playing, and enjoying being together at home.

I love it when our families gather to celebrate. We always enjoy being together. What makes it even better is that we’re all believers. We can talk about the Lord, what he’s doing in our lives, and give thanks together for another year of his faithfulness.

For Karl’s family’s gathering, I will be making one of my favorite holiday dishes, Green Bean Bundles. I know long-time readers may have tired of reading about them every year, but they really are that delicious. My mouth waters just thinking about them. I’m also making a pie. The other day, Lynn shared the recipe for Double Layer Pumpkin Pie. I do not like pumpkin pie, but, because other people in my family like pumpkin pie and because it comes with such high praise, I’m going to give this one a try. The cream cheese means that I’ll like at least one layer. I’m also going to make a crowd-pleasing corn dish which involves opening the can, pouring contents into dish, adding pepper (and a little butter — IT’S THANKSGIVING!), and heating to appropriate temperature.

I hope a few people will be joining us to celebrate on Saturday. I’ll be doing most of the cooking: turkey and dressing, sweet potato casserole, greens, sweet pea casserole, squash & zucchini, and corn. Karl is making Deviled Eggs — a first! For dessert, I’m making an apple pie. If the pumpkin pie is a hit, I may make another one of those.

Aaaaannnnd, I just realized that I will have to make another visit to the grocery store. It will be worth it, though. Dressing without the cornbread will not do.

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