Which one is your favorite?

I mentioned in the previous post that I took several pictures of each of my children. I chose my favorites and started to play.

This one is my favorite of Hannah, straight out of the camera:

She’s beautiful. I really like the composition, her eyes, and her smile in this one. But I’d like it better if it were a little brighter. I also want to clean up her blemishes.

Then, I sharpened it.

But I think that one looks a little freakish. Her skin looks too smooth.

I played around for a little while and came up with four different versions of this picture that I kind of like. I enjoy playing with photos in Photoshop, creating actions and whatnot, but I am beginning to realize that I really prefer a natural looking photo over a stylized photo. Which one do you like best:






3 Comments on “Which one is your favorite?

  1. Gorgeous! The natural one is beautiful, but I also really like the soft, muted colors of #3.


  2. Leave it as natural as possible. Her skin is too smooth. Go back to the original and use the clone tool on her blemishes. Or send it to me and I can use TRA’s Pro Retouch. Then adjust the curves or levels to brighten it up a bit. Don’t overdo it.


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