Which one is your favorite?

I mentioned in the previous post that I took several pictures of each of my children. I chose my favorites and started to play.

This one is my favorite of Hannah, straight out of the camera:

She’s beautiful. I really like the composition, her eyes, and her smile in this one. But I’d like it better if it were a little brighter. I also want to clean up her blemishes.

Then, I sharpened it.

But I think that one looks a little freakish. Her skin looks too smooth.

I played around for a little while and came up with four different versions of this picture that I kind of like. I enjoy playing with photos in Photoshop, creating actions and whatnot, but I am beginning to realize that I really prefer a natural looking photo over a stylized photo. Which one do you like best:







3 thoughts on “Which one is your favorite?

  1. Leave it as natural as possible. Her skin is too smooth. Go back to the original and use the clone tool on her blemishes. Or send it to me and I can use TRA’s Pro Retouch. Then adjust the curves or levels to brighten it up a bit. Don’t overdo it.


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