Bird Watching

Untitled by L. Wiggins
Untitled, a photo by L. Wiggins on Flickr.

A few years ago, Karl attended a class about hummingbirds. He learned about their habits and how to attract them. For example, he learned that once a hummingbird decides your feeder is a good, safe place to find food, then he’ll make it a regular stop on his migratory journey. Plus, other hummingbirds will find out. Kind of like the way you and I pick a favorite Waffle House on the way to the beach. So far this season, we have seen two different hummingbirds visiting our feeder. I hope to snap a picture of the other soon; it has a gorgeous, bright red throat.


8 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. I love that! I thought about getting a hummingbird feeder this year because I’d seen another friend’s great pictures when they showed up. I thought it might be fun for the kids.


    1. Yes, my kids LOVE watching birds. We have 3 different kinds of feeders that attract a variety of birds (and squirrels). The kids have learned to recognize so many native birds and their calls over the years. It’s fun!


  2. Beautiful! It’s also a reminder to put out our feeder by the kitchen window. We’ve had hummers in the past visiting our wildflowers, but it’s more fun seeing them close than from a distance.


  3. I have a feeder that’s been in the same location for years…but I don’t get any visitors quite this early. It’s usually closer to mid July before I get alot of hummingbirds. My mom lives further south and she has birds from mid-Spring throughout summer.

    I love to sit on my porch and watch them! They do not like to share, that’s for sure!


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