Status Update — June

Sitting…at the computer table.

Drinking…Shakeology (it’s lunch time)

Wishing…healthy-eating tasted like Blue Bell Cookies ‘n Cream with caramel on top

Enjoying…mornings poolside

ReadingEntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey because I’m seriously considering starting a business

AppreciatingLisa’s post, On Motherhood, Joy, and the Gospel  (you should read it and share it with your friends)

Getting…up. I have an 8 year-old who wants to play a game with me.

I did a short in-home family photo session earlier this week. This is one of my  favorites. What do you think?

9 Comments on “Status Update — June

  1. Now I seriously need some Blue Bell Cookies & Cream WITH CARAMEL–who ever thought of such a thing? And now I must try some! Two favorites in one! 🙂

    Beautiful shot. You have quite an eye!

    And thanks for the link love…

    So glad to see you back on the ‘net!


    • Oh, it’s not 2-in-1. I have to go to all the trouble of heating the caramel and pouring it over my cookies ‘n cream. But it’s worth it.

      Happy to link; it’s an excellent article. Submit it for publication somewhere!

      I enjoyed my month-long break. I think I’m ready to start posting more regularly. 🙂


  2. I think you’re right about the html! The only problem is that it takes so long to figure out one tiny thing, and my children start to wonder if I’ll ever get off the computer… 🙂


  3. I think it’s precious. And I think that if chocolate was as good for you and kept you as skinny as kale and sugar was as good for you as Vitamin D te world would be a happier place.


  4. Leslie,
    What a beautiful pix. God bless and guide you as you decide about this new business. Happy reading, home -Ing and Summer-ing at the pool with you kidlets. =0]


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