Que sera, sera (just imagine the diacritical marks)

We have about one month left before we absolutely, positively, no-more-playing-around have to start school. I know it’s going to fly by so quickly; if I don’t start planning for our next school year, I won’t be ready when we have to start. If the activity on our homeschool community facebook group is any indication, I’m behind. Each day another mom posts a question or curriculum request I am reminded that I haven’t even given one serious thought to the next year. I haven’t even purchased one book. Actually, that isn’t true — I bought a science textbook a few weeks ago. Still, I know one family whose first day of the 2012-13 school year was today. Yikes!! I don’t feel like I’ve had a good vacation yet.

In addition to academics, I’ve been thinking about extracurricular activities. Everything costs money, time, and other resources multiplied by 4. I know a lot of families just choose one or two activities and ALL the kids do the same things. That certainly makes things easier on the parents, but what if the kids have other interests? My children do, and I don’t want to force them to participate where they aren’t passionate. We haven’t finalized anything just yet, but I feel like my calendar is about to take a major hit.

What have we been up to? Well, I haven’t spent much time blogging. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the blogosphere; I just haven’t had anything worthwhile to share. I’ve been trying to read books that interest me and take pictures that speak to me. The kids spent 3 weeks swimming, electing to forgo the full 6 weeks of swimming that we’ve participated in the previous 8 summers. Karl and I have been more intentional with the way we spend our time with our children. Hannah is 13 now, which means we only have a few more years left with her living under our roof. Again, YIKES! We wrote out a few things that we definitely want to do with the kids before they leave the nest. We’ve been reading more, conversing more, and playing more. We’ve had more visitors. I put myself on a housekeeping schedule of sorts so that drop-ins and impromptu invitations are more pleasant. All good things, but not very interesting. Instead, they are aspects of our lives that are more appropriate for a personal journal rather than a public blog. Forgive me for not sharing.

In photography-related news, I’ve got branding on the brain. What is my personal brand? Answering that question is stress-inducing. I think I know what it is, and I can almost articulate it succinctly, but encapsulating it in an image/logo is a whole ‘nuther task for which I am not equipped. I’d like to incorporate my blog’s name as a business name and use Alabama state imagery, like the yellowhammer. But I’m not sure it works very well. Still thinking through that one. I threw something up at the top of the blog just to see how I like it, though, so if you’d like to contribute your $0.02 I’d gladly hear it. Karl drew the bird for me, by the way.

That’s enough rambling for this Monday. How are you?



7 Comments on “Que sera, sera (just imagine the diacritical marks)

  1. The benefit of homeschooling is that you start at your own time and school at your own pace. Don’t let the lives of other people stress you out. Pray about your choices and then act when you feel God is telling you to move.


    • Living on our own schedule is definitely one of my favorite things about homeschooling. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom!


      • You are more than welcome. We too have four kids. Being creative about time, money, and resources is a challenge. With the help of good friends and the wisdom that comes from the Lord, you can’t fail. I am sure you will start just when you are meant to and that you will have a very successful school year. Best wishes!


  2. I love the new look, Leslie!

    I’ve been giving much thought to how we spend our time at home, too. That may be because, like you, I’m realizing we only have a few more years with our girl at home. We’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live quietly, and how that will look in our family. Interestingly enough, becoming more hospitable falls into our plan. Sounds like the Lord is convicting us in the same areas.


  3. Leslie, I like the new bird and script. Very nice. Happy Homeschool planning. The beginning of the year has so much potential and so many, many choices – God grant you peace and joy and guidance as you sift through it all. Blessings – Jojo


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