Thankful Thursday

First of all, is it really already Thursday?

I am thankful for all the rain we’ve had. Some areas of Alabama received a little more’n they could handle and experienced some flooding yesterday.

I am thankful for the time I spent working on curriculum for our next year. I feel pretty good about my decisions and am looking forward to buying new books. Next step: lesson plans. I’m not really looking forward to that. If I do it right, lesson planning means hours and hours spent sitting at the school table with calendars, trying to coordinate four people’s educations. But, if my past is any indication, then I’ll plan as I go even if I’d rather have it all mapped out before our first day.

Earlier this week, my mom called to tell me that they were afraid that my grandmother had had a stroke. It turns out that she didn’t, but they discovered that her carotid artery was about 98% blocked and that her brain just wasn’t getting enough O2. Otherwise, she’s a pretty healthy lady. She had two options: 1) have a surgery to put stents in the artery to open it up, or 2) do nothing. Either way, she faced the risk of a massive stroke. She totally surprised me when she said she wanted to have the surgery. If it meant more years and better quality of life (better MEMORY), then it was worth the risk to her. Naturally, we were all pretty scared that she wouldn’t come through the surgery without serious damage (or at all); she’s an octogenarian! But everything went well. She’s already back home for her recovery. I am so thankful that my grandmother is still with us.

I heard someone on the radio attempting to explain his opinion about the benefits of taking children fishing. After a series of jumbled statements and tries at relating his own experience of fishing with his dad and granddad, he simply ended with, ‘I mean…you know what I mean.” It was not a question, do you know what I mean? It was a statement, you know what I mean. And everyone did, in fact, know what he meant, because there was a chorus of “oh, yeah,” in the studio. I could even hear them nodding. And it made me feel thankful that I live in a place where folks know what you mean even when you can’t articulate it well.

So, I made something for my friend’s pinboard, “Why I Love Living in the South.”

Honestly, I knew what he meant, too, and found myself wishing he’d just stop talking. Maybe “I know what you mean,” is just a polite way of saying, “Stop talking already. We get it.”

One Comment on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Rejoicing with you that your grandmother’s surgery went well and she is home. As for the latter part of the post, pretty funny, ya know what I mean?!
    Grace, Peace and Joy,


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