Status Report — August

Sitting…at our school table.

Working…on pictures from a recent photo session and this blog post.

Thinking…about our upcoming school year. I’ve ordered new curriculum, and always in the back of mind I’m thinking about our new schedule and how to make our lives run smoothly. I won’t settle into firm plans until said curriculum is in my hands, but the next two weeks will mean calendars, schedules, and paperwork. OH MY!

Eating…a bowl of chicken taco soup.

Waiting…on a maintenance person to repair our AC. It’s really hot down here, so it’s allowed to crap out on us at least once a summer.

Shaking…my head at all the crazy surrounding the Chick-fil-A kerfuffle.

Listening…to Hannah practice a new piano piece.

Reading…All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. In July, I finished Home by Marilynne Robinson, and Oh! my! the tears! It touched me, to say the least.

Enjoying…the Olympics. Well, kind of. The broadcasters leave much to be desired (some of their statements and declarations are absolutely ridiculous), but I have enjoyed the athletes and the competitions.

I started writing this about 3 hours ago. In the meantime, I finished my lunch, the AC has been repaired, a friend called for some advice regarding her child and food allergies, and almost all of the people populating my facebook news feed have posted inane remarks about their favorite chicken joint. Way to go! Buying that peach milkshake really helped win a battle in today’s culture war.

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