Thankful Thursday

Well, looky-here! I’m blogging.

Giving many thanks to God for….

– the completion of our fourth week of school; all is going well. I spent several days this summer mapping out our school year. Giving the kids their lesson schedules on Monday mornings makes my life so much easier. So far, I am enjoying home schooling more than I have in a long time. I am also thankful for Tuscaloosa’s wonderful home school community.

– breakfast and coffee on the patio this morning. Coffee tastes better with fall-ish morning air.

– an afternoon walk in a quiet park.

– a hard-working husband.

– our first camping trip will be here soon.

– encouragement from God’s word.

– good books. The kids and I are reading books about the history of the early church. I don’t think I realized just how important the doctrine of the trinity is to (pretty much) the foundation of the church and everything we say we believe. A better understanding of what the early church went through to determine and defend that particular doctrine put this year’s T.D. Jakes/Elephant Room debacle in perspective for me.

– football season. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

– apples and walnuts.







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