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I am currently proctoring an SAT test. These 6th graders are scribbling away at their little answer bubbles while I’m reading my favorite blogs. I love technology; thumb-scrolling is silent. Anyway, I want to share one of my favorite blogs with you.

My in-real-life friend Lynn posts something almost every day. If you enjoy my blog, then you’ll love hers. She shares quotes from what she’s reading. She enjoys the classics, as well as new books destined to become classics. She is a photographer, too. Naturally, she shares pictures of her adorable children. But she also shares pictures from her travels. Two years ago, her husband took her on a trip through England’s countryside. The photos from that trip are so beautiful. Currently, she is enjoying another anniversary trip to France. Once again, she is sharing beautiful photographs, and I just wanted to pass along a link for anyone interested in some breath-taking views of France.


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