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Last Monday, I directed you to my friend Lynn’s blog because I feared that I wouldn’t have time to blog much last week. I was correct. I hope you enjoyed her pictures from France. She is home now, and I loved hearing about all of the different people she encountered. People like to brag that America is the world’s melting pot — “there’s nowhere else on earth like America.” But Paris is an international city, and, from what Lynn told me, they seem to be doing a better job of respecting one another’s differences than we.

Allow me to fill you in on what’s been happening in my neck of the woods.

I am working to get my little photography business off the ground. The price of gasoline is high, and Momma’s got to get these kids out of the house every now and then. So, last week I worked on generating some sessions and editing photos. I don’t want to talk about it much on my personal blog, so, if you’re interested in following the development of my biz, go to Leslie Wiggins Photography to see what’s happening.

Thursday night, Abbey performed in a band concert (she plays flute). We were so thrilled for her when she received an award for being the most outstanding music student in her class. It has been so fun to watch her love for music grow this past school year. I forced her to take piano lessons when she was younger, and her love for that waned pretty quickly. But when she picked up a flute this year, she  decided, “HEY, music is fun!” She found all the old Faber piano instruction books and began teaching herself. She practices both instruments every day without complaint. I look over her and wonder who is that little person who works and works on something until it’s perfect? Now if I could just nail down my other kids’ passions….

The boys passed their boards and will be moving up in their scout ranks.

The kids survived the SATs. We only have one week left of school and one week of final tests.

My husband awoke from a vivid dream last Sunday morning. He came home from church, sat down at his computer, and started writing. He hasn’t stopped yet (well, he stops when he has to work for his real job). In 7 days he has written more than 18,000 words. Take that NaNoWriMo. We have read and re-read what he’s written so far. My kids LOVE it. They can’t wait for him to finish the next chapter. He’s gotten some great feedback from friends and co-workers. My kitchen table is strewn with maps, diagrams, and timelines right now, which is an improvement from a ton of junk mail. It’s sure to be the next big thing. Which is good because the price of gas is sky-high, and Momma’s got to get these kids out of the house.

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