Spent too much time in bed this morning, hoping my headache would go away.

Long shower.

2 cups of coffee.

Felt human again.

Put on make-up.

Felt like a woman.

Late lunch.

Did a little schoolwork. Gave math review lessons to Noah and Abbey as we are easing into school this week. Benjamin reviewed math properties for algebra. Hannah reviewed geometric formulas.

Cleaned out one closet.

Threw away metric ton of paper from years of homeschooling. I didn’t even cry.

Purged the bookshelves.

Wondered how I managed to read so many books about biblical womanhood without stabbing my eyeballs.

Cooked dinner.

Hung up the dress clothes.

Created a spreadsheet of all the books I want removed from my home.

Blogged….the streak continues.


2 Comments on “Tired

  1. Wish I had the energy to purge–I think we have just about every book we’ve EVER bought!
    But then I need to purge much more than just books…it makes ME tired thinking about it!
    Good post ~ glad to see you blogging again. I get so much pleasure reading your posts!
    🙂 Mia


    • Well, I spent all summer looking at my disaster of a school room. It made me tired just thinking about organizing it again. But I can’t put it off any longer. Thank you for reading and commenting! It makes me happy.


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