31 Days of Geocaching

31-days-buttonSeveral weeks ago, my friend Lisa and I exchanged several emails encouraging one another to keep writing and blogging. She mentioned Nester’s annual October writing challenge. I had heard of it before, but never participated. Lisa said that she was thinking about participating this year. I thought, what a great idea! and then forgot about it.

Fast forward to today when I see a new blog post from Lisa. Then, I remember our email convo and my decision to blog every day in October. GASP! I hurriedly create a button and an outline of posts for the month about one of my favorite things to do: GEOCACHE. Let’s do this!

What follows is a list of links to my “31 Days of Geocaching” posts.

October 1: In which I share how we started geocaching

October 2: Just what is geocaching?

October 3: Traditionals, Mysteries, and Multis! OH, my!

October 4: On Caching Solo

October 5: 10 Geocaching Essentials

October 6: GeoFest 2014

October 7: Virtuals and Webcam Caches

October 8: Geocaching Challenges

October 9: A Most Fun Busy Day

October 10: A Local Adventure

October 11: International Earthcache Day

October 12: Geocaching Misadventures

October 13: All About Geocaching Trackable Items

October 14: A Birthday Cache

October 15: The Grid

October 16: Geocaching Podcasts and YouTubers

October 17: Geocaching Lingo & Shorthand

October 18: The Golden Ammo Can

October 19: First to Find

October 20: All About WherIGo Caches

October 21: Our Diamond Challenge Adventure

October 22: Hiding a Geocache (10 Considerations)

October 23: Geo-Art

October 24:

October 25:

October 26:

October 27:

October 28:

October 29:

October 30:

October 31:

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