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The Substitute (teacher?)

The interior of the cave revealed a list of names, most of which had been crossed out. Smokey showed James six names that had not been crossed out and THE NUMBERS beside each name.

What I think about “What Kate Does”

I don’t even know what to think about this episode. This is one of those episodes that offers us a few more clues, but doesn’t propel us too far forward. But I still have several observations and questions.

“It Worked”

We had a small get-together at our house. We ate dinner with our friends. Then we ate a cake/rice krispy treat foot…. …and settled in for the two-hour premiere. As usual, a few questions were answered and more questions were raised. The first episode… Continue Reading ““It Worked””

Dear P-Phil

Dear P-Phil, In just a little while, you will emerge from whatever that thing is that the people in Punxsutawney put you into.  And I am torn between two desires.  First, I do not want you to see your shadow because IT IS FREEZING… Continue Reading “Dear P-Phil”

My husband has figured out LOST

I had been asleep for about half an hour when I heard, “Hey, are you awake?”

“I’m not now,” I slurred. I’m a light sleeper; motherhood will do that to you.

“I’ve figured out LOST.” He was just too eager to wait til morning to share his epiphany.

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