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I was pretty disappointed with last week’s episode, but tonight’s totally made up for it.  I love Lost again.

We’ve had episodes that focused on Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Locke, but tonight’s episode took us into the world of Benjamin Linus, PhD.


In last week’s episode, Sayid couldn’t avoid evil in his off-island life and ended up joining Smokey’s team on-island.  Remember when Ben could have saved Alex from Keamey’s bullet?  In this week’s episode, Ben is faced with a choice: he can ruin Alex’s life to satisfy his own desire for power or do the right thing.  Wonder of wonders, off-island Ben did the right thing!  He decided to let his desires go so that Alex could have a shot at fulfilling her dreams.  He cared about someone ELSE! And on-island Ben, when his choices were die or join Smokey, chose door number 3.  He found a forgiving Ilana and decided to stay with Jacob’s team.

That scene with Ben and Ilana was moving, in my opinion.

But just how did Smokey know just when to pop up to tempt Ben?  Regardless, we learned that Smokey and his crew are hiding out at the Hydra island.

One major interesting point from Ben’s story: Roger (Ben’s dad) starts talking about his hopes and dreams for Ben…and reveals that he applied for them to be a part of the Dharma Initiative, that they spent some time on the island, that their lives may have been different had they stayed on the island.  WHAT?!

So, in this other life there is a Dharma Initiative and research being conducted on an island.  I have no idea when they might have said goodbye to the island, but I’d bet that we get to see Ben’s old friend Annie, perhaps as a love interest (?), sometime soon.

Did you notice that Ben and Alex were reviewing the history of the East Indai Trading Company?  And the picture in her text book looked just like the Black Rock?  Did you catch that Ben was keeping his father alive by supplying him with Oxygen instead of killing him with poison gas?  I like this new and improved Ben.

Richard, Jack and Hurley

Richard has decided that Jacob’s death means that his whole life has been pointless.  He walks to the Black Rock, the ship he hasn’t embarked since he left it too-many-years-ago-to-count.  It has long been speculated that Richard came to the island on the Black Rock, and it was fun to see that our speculations were correct.  Richard went to the ship to die.

Inside the ship, Richard reveals that Jacob touched him a very long time ago.  At one time, Richard believed his touch to be a blessing, but now he isn’t so sure.  Now that Jacob is dead, his touch is more like a curse.  Because of Jacob’s touch, Richard cannot kill himself; he needs someone else to do it.  Jack volunteers.  But Jack,  fresh from his trip to Jacob’s lighthouse and meditation on the cliff, believes that no one is going to die until they have fulfilled their purposes on the island.  Jack tests his theory with a stick of dynamite.  It turned out Jack was right!

Remember how Michael wanted so badly to kill himself when he was off-island a few seasons ago?  But he couldn’t kill himself because the island wasn’t finished with him. Well, it’s just like that.

Jack, Hurley and Richard decide to go back to the beach.

Ilana & Co. at the beach

We learn some important information on the beach:

1) There are 6 candidates left.

2) Candidate = the one who can take Jacob’s place.

3) Ilana’s job is to protect the candidates.

4) Ilana does not know which Kwon she is supposed to protect.  It is very important to her to find Jin.

5) Jacob was like a father to Ilana.

6) Though Lapides overslept and missed Oceanic 815, the island still managed to get him there with another plane crash.

These questions about life and death, purpose, and the ability to make real choices are very interesting and part of what make this show one of my favorites.

I loved that final beach scene with Jack, Richard and Hurley rounding that bush, the music, the reunion on the beach.  It was just like old times.  And I was feeling warm and happy inside…

BUT THEN!  A scope pops out of the water.  It’s Widmore and he isn’t a bit concerned about the people on the beach.  The main question about Widmore’s arrival is, Is Widmore the one Jacob was referring to when he said that someone is coming to the island?

I wonder if the writers are going to explain to us how he found the island this time, how he managed to get so close?  Or will they simply ask us to accept it?

What questions were answered for you?  Do you have any predictions about future episodes?  What did you think of this episode?  For more LOST discussion, visit Rocks In MyDryer.

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6 Comments on “Lost — Dr. Linus

  1. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT THIS WEEK. Finally, some answers starting to appear! Hanging in there. For the record, I’m not a Ben fan but I really liked the off island Ben doing the right things. The mind boggles…



  2. Great call on the East India trading company thing… I was listening closely to that and knew it had to relate, but I couldn’t figure out how!

    I loved this episode, too! Good stuff!


  3. Ben worked for Jacob? I guess I knew that but still I was surprised when he said as such.

    Who are the 6 candidates? Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, one of the Kwons… I can’t remember what other names were written on that wall. Not Kate’s?

    I agree; great episode. I was so glad to see that the Widmore storyline will (theoretically) get some answers as well!

    So who do you think will get Jacob’s job?


    • Even though Kate’s name wasn’t on the cave wall, it was on the lighthouse dial. I think she’s one of the six because Jacob touched her when she was a little girl. If we go on that logic alone, then Sayid, Kate, Jack, James, Jin or Sun, and Hurley are the six. Ilana said that Lapides is a candidate, so maybe he replaces Sayid. I think the creators are setting us up to believe Jack will take Jacob’s place, but I really don’t have any solid reasoning for why he will. Personally? I’m hoping Hurley gets the job.


  4. They have a list of the candidates at lostpedia.
    And it goes into lots of details, good luck pulling yourself away from it.
    I also heard somewhere that Kate’s name was on the cave wall but it was crossed out, but the footage was edited out. Her name is not crossed out on the lighthouse wheel though.
    I wonder if setting off the bomb & “rebooting” the island (or whatever they called it) somehow took away the magic cloaking ability of the island & that’s how Widmore just rolls up like it’s nothing now.


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